Our Faculty

Our faculty are outstanding, internationally recognized musicians invested in the musical, technical, and personal growth of every student.


Akiko Tominaga, piano instructor, junior piano facilitator, chamber coach

Ami Longhi, collaborative pianist

Arnold Choi, chamber coach

Beth Rooth Sandvoss, cello facilitator, cello instructor, chamber coach

Brett Gunther, guitar instructor, chamber coach

Bill van der Sloot, violin facilitator, violin instructor

Chris Sandvoss, viola facilitator, viola instructor chamber coach

Colleen Athparia, chamber music facilitator, chamber coach

David Morrissey, cello instructor

David Sussman, woodwind instructor

Dmitry Nesterov, chamber coach

Donovan Seidle, chamber coach

Eric Auerbach, junior violin facilitator, violin instructor, chamber coach

Hazel Seong, collaborative pianist

Jeremy Brown, chamber coach

Karen Neary, collaborative pianist

Kathy Dornian, outreach facilitator

Lauren Eselson, woodwind facilitator, woodwind instructor, chamber coach

Laurie Matiation, artistic director, brass facilitator, brass instructor, chamber coach 

Linh Nguyen, chamber coach

Marianne Bleile, collaborative pianist

Mary Sullivan, chamber coach

Michael van der Sloot, chamber coach

Murray Visscher, guitar facilitator, chamber coach, guitar instructor

Nigel Edmonton Boehm, chamber coach

Rachel Kreyner, collaborative pianist

Ralph Maier, chamber coach

Rolf Bertsch, piano facilitator, piano instructor, chamber coach

Sheila Garrett, double bass facilitator, chamber coach

Susanne Ruberg-Gordon, collaborative pianist, collaborative pianist facilitator, chamber coach


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