• Great Highland Bagpipes
    Great Highland Bagpipes

The course will follow The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 published by the National Piping Centre in Glasgow Scotland.

Materials required would be a good quality practice chanter with a reed ($70.00 for a poly chanter), and The National Bagpipe Tutor book 1 ($39.95).


Highlights of the course will be learning finger movements and embellishments in a detailed and simple manner. This will build a firm foundation in playing the Great Highland Bagpipes at a competent level. Specific building blocks to the course will be the following: Learn to play and read the notes of the Scale, Grace notes, Triplets, Doublings and Taurluath’s.


Depending on progress, a few tunes will also be covered such as “The Brown Haired Maiden, High Road to Gairloch, Highland Laddie and the Mist Covered Mountains.


At the end of this course a prospective student may be ready to progress to start to play the Great Highland Bagpipes.

Coming Winter 2020

Course CRN Instructor Day Date Time Room Fee
Great Highland Bagpipe Bill Hawes



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