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    Junior Sinfonia - Ages 12 - 17
    Audition Requirements

Jr. Sinfonia Auditions for the 2021–2022 Season


Junior Sinfonia is accepting applications for participation in the 2022 - 2023 orchestral season. Students will have the opportunity to submit their video auditions prior to June 10, 2022.  If you are interested in performing with us in our upcoming year, please see the "Audition Requirements" below, and please make sure you fill out the Audition Form.  


Audition requirements:

2 contrasting pieces of repertoire/studies
2 contrasting scales demonstrating major/minor and shifting (strings only)


Please make sure to fill out the Audition Form and submit your video link at the bottom of the form.


For new students, you will need to create a log in ID and PIN

For existing students, you can log in directly through the "Register Now" button. 


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