• Music Literacy - Levels I, II
    Music Literacy - Levels I, II

The Conservatory offers group classes and private instruction in all theoretical and practical subjects, in accordance with the national standard as established by the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada.

All theory group classes are full year classes.

Music Literacy: How Music Works

Music Literacy courses provide a comprehensive approach to understanding music theory, with practical applications to performance and music creation. By applying concepts through circular learning a deeper understanding of the basics will be reached and providing students with a greater appreciation of more complex musical materials.

Reading, writing, and discussion music with others are all central components to Music Literacy. This course of study will guide the participants to:

  • Independently explore, understand, and create music.
  • Enjoy the social interactions and contexts of making and sharing music within an arts community

Course content will include the following areas of discovery:

  • Sound Physics - Explore the physical nature of sound and resonant sounds used in music. Use technology to explore how sounds interact and can be modified
  • Internalize/Externalize - Internalizing music and demonstrating understanding through aural skills, sight singing, and notation
  • Concepts of Music - Explore the choices composers make to manipulate elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, and structure).
  • Listening and Context - Focused listening: analyzing content, structure and relationships. Place music in historical and cultural contexts as well as discern various performance practices
  • Creation of Music - Make use of the techniques learned to create music with an emphasis on composition, performance, and improvisation.

Two class levels will be offered, each class running 24 weeks from October to March/April. 

2019 Fall Term

Music Literacy Level 1: Introduction to basic concepts and skills 

Instructor: Tim Janz 

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Music Literacy Level 1 90452 Tuesday Oct. 1 - Mar. 31 6:00 - 7:00 pm $550


Music Literacy Level 2: Exploring more advanced concepts of music and skills. This course will move at a faster rate than Level 1 and is geared towards musicians who have already either completed Level 1 or have previous training in rudiments of music and have a good understanding of basic harmony concepts.

Instructor: Tim Janz

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Music Literacy Level 2 90456 Thursday Oct. 3 - Apr. 2 6:00 - 7:00 pm $550


Composition lessons are offered as private lessons with one of our faculty composers. Group instruction of two or more students may be arranged by request. Private lessons

Not all Music Theory and History subjects or levels may be available as group classes each year. However, instruction for all Music Theory, History and Composition subjects at all grade levels is available at any time through Conservatory private lessons. To request private instruction, in Theory, History, and Composition, please fill out our online private lesson request form. 

* Theory instruction only. Students will need to take the appropriate RCM or Conservatory Canada examination in order to obtain the corresponding certificate or diploma.


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