Music Therapy is an introductory course available to anyone and will equip students with an understanding of music therapy practices from a humanistic (person-centered) perspective. This course is of particular benefit to those working, or interested in working, within community organizations, social work, nursing or educational settings. 

Practical examples and case studies are used to illustrate physical, mental, social, and emotional domains that music therapists utilize within their work. Students will be able to engage in experiential demonstrations of receptive and active techniques. 

Students will develop new skills and learn how to use music to improve their overall mental health. The course will outline how music can be used for reducing stress, increasing relaxation and how journaling is beneficial for working through feelings of anxiety and encouraging self expression.

There is no prerequisite for the course. No prior musical skills or ability is required. 

Due to the reflective and improvisational nature of the course, writing and submitting a reflective e-journal will be required as an important part of the experience. A written essay and recording component will give students a chance to experiment with what they have learned in the course.

Course objectives and expected learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, each student will be able to: 

  1. Define music therapy approaches: Humanistic Music Therapy and Community Music Therapy 
  2. Understand the use of music-based interventions for physical and emotional benefit 
  3. Engage in active and receptive music experiences 
  4. Experience music-based activities for self-care
  5. Take part in the process of personal exploration or reflection using the framework of music and journaling

Course Format: This is an online course and instructions for engagement with materials will be made available before the course begins. 

Note: Music Therapy is a profession in which Music Therapists are certificated professionals (MTA). They have undertaken specific education and training to practice in their field. This course will not qualify you to refer to yourself as a music therapist or claim to practice music therapy.

2021 Fall Term 

Music Therapy: Approaches and Techniques
Instructor: Fleur Hughes (MMT, MTA, MT-BC) Certified Music Therapist

6 classes

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