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Online Music for Children and Youth from 0 - 15+ years!

Find the class and schedule that best suits your child:

Introduction to Piano 
10 Weeks

Join our Introduction to Piano classes for beginners, ages 5-7, and start learning the piano in an engaging, social environment, giving students a firm foundation in traditional piano lessons. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the piano without the daunting price of individual lessons. This quality program provides a great introduction to the piano and is excellent preparation for private lessons.

Instructor: Marianne Bleile

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Introduction to Piano (5-7 yrs) 30869 Thursday  Feb. 4 - Apr. 8 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. $350


Music Around the World
8 Weeks

Send your child on a virtual voyage around the world, singing songs both familiar and new from France, Australia, England, Ireland and Canada.

This live and interactive format will introduce a number of fun and playful elements including singing, beat, movement, rhythm, and rhyme. Class sizes are limited to eight to encourage interaction and allow each student to receive individual attention.

Your child will learn many skills through music such as better focus, memorization and language skills, all in a fun playful format! 

What to expect from this course:

  • During the pre-session we will settle in, allow for all parents to connect to our online platform and say hello.
  • Each session will have ongoing singing. Singing to your child and exploring repertoire with trained instructors encourages bonding through music. Enjoy the beat, rhythm, rhyme and rocking teddy to sleep. 
  • Free movement with a scarf to specially selected classical music that coordinates with the theme of the class will be encouraged. Classical music engages curiosity and introduces children to a beautiful genre with the possibility to respond to its calming or upbeat effects. 
  • Music and language intertwined in the course are designed by a music education specialist. Learning and memorizing repertoire may lead to your child chanting these melodies throughout the week. Opening the world of sound to our youngest students creates the opportunity for them to develop a lasting love of music. 

Instructor: Judit Szanto

After sign up, you will be provided with detailed instructions by email on how to make this class a success at home. We look forward to seeing you on screen and singing together! 


Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Music Around the World
(0-24 mos)
30783 Tuesday Feb. 2 - Mar. 23 9:10 - 9:40 a.m. $128
Music Around the World
(2 - 4 yrs)
30784 Tuesday Feb. 2 - Mar. 23 9:50 - 10:20 a.m. $128

Musicianship I and II
8 Weeks

  • Musicianship I - 9-14 Years - All Levels 
  • Musicianship II - 15+ Years 

This fun course is all about singing songs, voice techniques, score reading, and online ear training. Learn to read and audiate music in a small, inclusive online class with both individual and group participation interacting with the teacher. Musicianship supports choral singing and instrumental learning, and it is a fundamental part of music literacy. Each lesson will contain vocal warm-ups, singing solfa syllables, singing through classical repertoire, solo singing and coaching. Our instrument is the voice which we use with continued revision when singing complex solfège sequences.

The course will cover: 

  • Voice techniques (posture-breath-resonance) results in effortless singing of a trained singer. Lessons start with vocal warm-ups to preserve our voices for healthy, long-lasting vocal habits; 
  • Singing songs and practicing solfa-singing skills of pentatonic and diatonic music and gaining fluency in singing with the use of relative solmization
  • Intonation and audiation are taught through solfa-singing patterns, intervals, and scales, with Kodály elements revised for online learning.

Instructor: Judit Szanto

After signing up, we will email you detailed instructions on how to make this class a success at home. We are looking forward to seeing you on screen and singing together!


Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Musicianship I  30789 Monday   Feb. 1 - Mar. 29 4:10 - 4:50 p.m. $144
Musicianship II 30790 Monday  Feb. 1 - Mar. 29 4:55 - 5:35 p.m. $144


MusicTime Online
6 Weeks

Newborn to 18 months 

MusicTime Online welcomes you and your child to an engaging and child-focused music lesson of singing, moving and playing instruments. Developmentally appropriate activities such as bouncing, circle dances, playing instruments and fingerplays, encourage and enhance your child’s language acquisition and physical coordination.

Together you will learn a treasure trove of nursery rhymes, songs and singing books that will nurture your bonding experience through music. A music playlist is provided so that you and your child can sing along with Ms. Anita throughout your day.

Instructor: Anita Perlau

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
MusicTime Online (0-18 mos) 30785 Wednesday  Feb. 3 - Mar. 10 9:00 - 9:30 a.m. $128

Toddlers 18-36 Months

MusicTime Online for Toddlers provides a playful and nurturing class for you and your child as you share in making music together.  Our musical experience is enriched by singing traditional folk songs of diverse cultures, playing instruments, and responding to music of many different styles. A playlist is provided for you and your child for your listening enjoyment.

With your guidance, your child will blossom in confidence, increased concentration, and develop a greater sense of self within the online group setting. Above all, MusicTime Online fosters a life-long love of music, language and learning!

Instructor: Anita Perlau 

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
MusicTime Online (18-36 mos) 30786 Wednesday  Feb. 3 - Mar. 10 9:45 - 10:15 a.m. $128

Preschoolers ages 3-5 yrs

These action-packed 30-minute lessons are geared for the energy and enthusiasm of your preschooler. Get ready to sing, move and play with a delightful array of songs, rhymes and dances intended to spark the joy of musicking within your preschooler. A playlist is provided so that you and your child can make music all week long!

Instructor: Anita Perlau 

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
MusicTime Online (3-5 yrs) 30787 Wednesday  Feb. 3 - Mar. 10 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. $128

Kindergarten - Grade 2

With the benefit of a small class size, MusicTime Online has more individualized instruction for your child within each lesson. MTO  covers concepts of rhythm and beat, melody, musical form and musical expression in adherence with the Alberta music curriculum guidelines. Each 30-minute lesson will engage your child in singing, moving, playing instruments, creating, reading/writing and listening. Yes, our classes are fun, but they also serve to strengthen the musical understanding of your aspiring young musician!

Instructor: Anita Perlau

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
MusicTime Online (K-Gr. 2) 30788 Saturday Feb. 6 - Mar. 20 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. $128

Piano Explorers
8 Weeks

Ages 5-7 years

Introduce your child to the exciting world of piano through this 45-minute unparented class. Taught by an experienced Early Childhood Music Educator, this program combines the principles of the tried and true Kodály method with an introduction to the piano. Early learners will sing, play and move as they explore the world of rhythm, beat, the musical alphabet and the piano keyboard. Small class sizes will ensure your child receives individual attention and facilitates stronger connections between the student and instructor. 

While this class is unparented, it may be helpful to have a parent close by just in case any problems arise.

A piano or keyboard and access to a printer is required for this course.

Instructor: Amanda Massey

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Piano Explorers (5-7 yrs) 30779 Wednesday   Feb. 3 - Mar. 24 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. $160

Ready for School
6 Weeks

Ages 3-5 years

Help your energetic preschooler prepare for school in this lively 30-minute parented class! 

Students and caregivers will sing, dance, and play their way throughout this active course, all while learning about their ABC’s and 123’s. 

What to expect:

  • 30-minutes of continuous singing and movement, sure to leave your energetic preschooler making music throughout the week.
  • A focus through music on essential preschool skills including the alphabet, counting, fine motor skills and problem-solving.
  • Small class sizes to ensure your child receives individual attention.
  • Easy DIY instrument ideas that can be created out of everyday household objects. 
  • Fun activity ideas and projects which support preschool development will be emailed out weekly. 
  • Extra time at the end of each class for students to share their projects (or pets, or toys, or anything else that has excited them that week!) and socialize, giving them a crucial opportunity to interact with other children their age. 
  • Course will be facilitated by a trained Early Childhood Music Educator with a background in early childhood language and speech acquisition and brain development. 

Instuctor: Amanda Massey

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Ready for School (3-5 yrs) 30778 Thursday   Feb. 4 - Mar. 11 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. $128

Stories and Songs
6 Weeks

Ages 18 month to 4 years

Connect with your child through singing and stories in this 30-minute interactive online class!

Children learn through song. In this energetic class children and caregivers will sing, move, and play, all while developing music literacy, language, fine and gross motor skills. 

What to Expect: 

  • Weekly themes based on classic children's stories
  • Weekly at-home craft ideas and story resources emailed out prior to every class so that the storytelling can continue throughout the week
  • Introduction of musical elements including rhythm, beat, high and low
  • Encouragement of gross motor skills through crafts, stories and finger plays 
  • 30-minute class time, followed by an optional 15-minute opportunity for caregivers to connect with each other through conversation 
  • Instruction provided by Amanda Massey, who is an approachable and experienced Music Educator with a background in early childhood language and brain development

Instuctor: Amanda Massey

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Stories and Songs (18 mos - 4 yrs) 30777 Thursday   Feb. 4 - Mar. 11 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. $128


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