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    Private Chinese classical music lessons

Private lessons are available in all areas of music and speech instruction for all ages and levels of development by highly qualified professional teachers and performers with real-life musical experience.

About Chinese classical music studies

Calgary is a global platform for music, as the city is home to many culturally diverse communities. Eager to promote Eastern Classical music studies at Mount Royal Conservatory, we are excited to announce that students interested in Chinese classical music now have to opportunity to study Erhu, Dizi, Guzheng, and voice at the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts. China has a historically rich musical tradition whose influence has had far reaching impact - inspiring the work of composers and musicians throughout the world.


Erhu, a two stringed bowed instrument, is one of the most popular and versatile Chinese musical instruments. Capable of playing lyrically beautiful melodies or high energy virtuosic works, the erhu can be heard in traditional as well as contemporary music, even being featured as a solo instrument with western style orchestras.

Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute made of bamboo. The dizi is an expressive instrument and widely used in Chinese folk music, Chinese opera, and is a key instrument in today's modern Chinese orchestra. Students will enjoy exploring the energy and brilliance of the dizi under the instruction of Jiajia Li a passionate and active flute performer who plays both dizi and western transverse flute.


Guzheng, the Chinese zither, is a plucked string instrument with a rich history. The guzheng is the most commonly played Chinese classical instrument due to the instruments ability to accompany as well as be a featured melodic instrument. Repertoire for this instrument is broad and takes advantage of the unique sound and character of the instrument. 

Voice As with all forms of music around the world, the voice is a key musical element, capable of infusing music with text. Ancient and modern Chinese poetry has inspired composers across history resulting in a wealth of music for voice that touches on every emotion and aspect of life, making the voice the most expressive of instruments.

About our private lessons

New students must complete an online lesson placement request form. Conservatory staff or your assigned instructor will contact you directly to assist with your placement for the term.

When choosing a private lesson, you will need to consider:

  • number of lessons
  • length of lesson
  • what time of day you prefer 
  • which day of the week you prefer 

The average instruction per term (fall, winter or summer) is 16-18 hours.

The general rates for private lessons are 30 minutes for $39.50, 45 minutes for $59.25, 60 minutes for $79.00. 

 Rates may vary depending upon the instructor and duration of lesson. 



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