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    Private clarinet lessons

Private lessons are available in all areas of music and speech instruction for all ages and levels of development by highly qualified professional teachers and performers with real-life musical experience.

About the clarinet

The clarinet is a relative newcomer among woodwind instruments. It is generally believed to have been invented by the Nuremberg instrument maker Johann Christoph Denner at the start of the eighteenth century. A similar instrument — the chalumeau — was already in existence at that time. However, the chalumeau only sounded good mainly at the lower registers, while the clarinet boasted rich sound quality at both low and high registers. Possibly for this reason, the name “clarinet” originally meant “small trumpet” (“clarino” means trumpet).

The clarinet produces sound by means of a single reed attached to the mouthpiece. A number of physical finger keys are attached to the cylindrical section (known as the body) and are used to vary the pitch. Up until the first half of the eighteenth century, the clarinet had only two finger keys. However, more were gradually added to the instrument to enable the clarinetist to play chromatic scales and clean notes more easily.

About our private lessons

New students must complete an online lesson placement request form. Conservatory staff or your assigned instructor will contact you directly to assist with your placement for the term.

When choosing a private lesson, you will need to consider:

  • number of lessons
  • length of lesson
  • what time of day you prefer 
  • which day of the week you prefer 

The average instruction per term (fall, winter or summer) is 16-18 hours.

The general rates for private lessons are 30 minutes for $39.50, 45 minutes for $59.25, 60 minutes for $79.00. 

 Rates may vary depending upon the instructor and duration of lesson. 



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