Minor in International Business

A series of international business courses has been designed for students who want to participate in the global economy, international trade, marketing goods and services internationally, increasing the competitiveness of an organization through co-operation with foreign partners or suppliers or even establishing a business venture beyond Canadian borders. In the completion of these international business courses, students have an opportunity to earn a Forum for International Trade Training diploma.

Required Courses:

  • INBU 2201 - Cross Cultural Management
  • INBU 3301 - Global Business Environment
  • INBU 3302 - International Marketing
  • INBU 3304 - Global Supply Chain Management
  • INBU 3305 - International Market Entry Strategy

Plus any one of the following:

  • FNCE 3302 - International Finance**
  • INBU 3306 - International Trade Research
  • INBU 3307 - International Trade Law**
  • INBU 3730 - Special Topics in International Business
  • INBU 4408 - International Trade Management
  • INBU 2299, 3399 - Directed Readings *

* No more than one Directed Readings course in a single discipline can be used for graduation purposes.
** This course requires one or more prerequisites outside of the minor.