Minor in Business of Sport and Recreation

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The minor in Business of Sport and Recreation provides a general overview of the organization, management and leadership of the sport and recreation industry. This will include a focus on all elements of the industry including amateur sport, community recreation and professional sport among others. Students will learn about the unique elements of this industry and how they can best prepare themselves to be leaders in it. Students completing a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education - Sport and Recreation Management cannot receive recognition for this minor.

The minor is composed of four required courses and two options, for a total of six courses.

Required courses:

  • ENTR 2301 - Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Experience
  • HPED 1640 - Program Planning
  • MKTG 2150 - Introduction to Marketing
  • SRMG 1400 - Organization and Administration of Sport

One of the following:

  • ACCT 2121 - Financial Accounting Concepts
  • ENTR 3302 - Creativity for Entrepreneurial Practice
  • MGMT 3210 - Business Communication Theory and Practice
  • MGMT 3230 - Business Law
  • MKTG 3258 - Evidence-Based Marketing

One of the following:

  • HPED 3630 - Recreation and Sport Tourism
  • SRMG 2400 - Commercial Recreation
  • SRMG 2440 - Community Development
  • SRMG 3400 - Facility and Event Management
  • SRMG 5400 - Issues in Sport and Recreation Management*

*One or more prerequisites may be required outside of the minor.

Note: One course must be taken at a 3000 level or higher.