Minor in Film Studies

The Minor in Film Studies encourages students to select a combination of courses dedicated to film as well as to related disciplines that inform the making and appreciation of cinema. The history, art and politics of film – as well as the dynamics of critical reception from fans to philosophers – are all part of the experience. This interdisciplinary minor involves a total of eight courses, including four to seven FILM courses.

Required courses:

All four of the following courses:

  • FILM 1143 - Introduction to the Study of Film
  • One 2000-level or higher FILM course
  • Two 3000-level or higher FILM courses

One of the following:

  • ANTH 2243 - Anthropology Through Film
  • ARTH 1101 - The History of Art: Prehistory to Renaissance
  • ARTH 1103 - The History of Art: Renaissance to the Present
  • ARTH 2207 - Provocative Themes in Art Explored
  • ARTH 2209 - History of Modern Art from 1850 to 1920
  • ARTH 3311 - Art, Revolution and Pop Culture
  • COMM 3521 - The Documentary
  • CRWT 3305 - Script Writing
  • ENGL 3256 - Canadian Drama
  • ENGL 3309 - Theatre and Performance from 1900 to Now
  • FREN 3343 - Francophone Cinema
  • HIST 2291 - Film and History
  • SPAN 3312 - Hispanic Cinema 

Three additional 2000-level or higher courses from FILM or from the above list.

 *This course requires one or more prerequisites outside of the minor.