Minor in Psychology

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The minor in Psychology is designed for students who want to gain knowledge that will enhance their understanding of human behaviour. Topics such as lifespan development, theories of personality, abnormal behaviour, cognition, and social and biological psychology can be explored. Students will develop critical thinking skills, an understanding of ethics in research and an appreciation for the ambiguity of psychological explanations in understanding human behaviour. For those interested in a career in social services, human resources, marketing, teaching, medical services or administrative positions in a variety of fields, a minor in Psychology is an excellent addition to their program.

Required courses:

  • PSYC 1105 - Introduction to Psychology
  • At least two PSYC courses at the 3000 level or higher
  • A total of eight PSYC courses, excluding PSYC 1121.

Note: Students who have completed PSYC 1103 and PSYC 1104 can use these two courses in lieu of the required PSYC 1105 course. Students may count at most two of PSYC 1103, PSYC 1104 and PSYC 1105 for credit towards a minor in Psychology.

Students should be aware registration in senior level PSYC courses may require successful completion of specific PSYC courses at the 1000, 2000, and/or 3000 level.