Minor in Spanish

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Spanish is spoken in 21 countries and estimates indicate the USA will be the country with most Spanish speakers in the world by 2050. There are rich cultures associated with the Spanish language and it has also become the second most used language on the internet, Twitter and the world of advertising. A minor in Spanish develops students' communication skills and their understanding of Hispanic cultures. Students can take a variety of third year courses in areas such as Literature of Spain and Spanish America, Translation, Business Spanish, Spanish in Contact with Other Languages and Hispanic Cinema.

Required courses

  • SPAN 1103 - Beginners' Spanish II
  • SPAN 2211 - Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2213 - Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 2223 - Introduction to Textual Analysis and Composition
  • SPAN 3305 - High Intermediate Spanish
  • SPAN 3309 - Critical Thinking in Spanish
  • Two additional SPAN courses at the 3000 level or above


Students with prior knowledge of Spanish must take a placement test. For more information, students should contact the Spanish coordinator or academic advisor.

This minor is designed for students who have successfully completed Spanish 30. Students pursuing this minor without Spanish 30 may have to take SPAN 1101.

Students should be aware registration in senior level SPAN courses may require successful completion of specific SPAN courses at the 2000 and/or 3000 level.