eLearning at MRU

Learning that fits you - flexible, convenient, and user-friendly

students with laptop

Mount Royal offers you a variety of learning opportunities to achieve your educational goals. Maybe you are already familiar with Mount Royal's classroom-based (face-to-face) credit courses, but do you know we also offer eLearning options-fully online and blended delivery?

Fully Online
It all starts with a computer and internet. Mount Royal's fully online courses can be taken from anywhere, so there is no need to be on campus. Fully online courses may also be taken by students who are on campus but need a flexible course option because of scheduling concerns. These courses enable you to participate in a highly interactive and engaging learning environment.

Blended Delivery
Blended courses combine the best features of a face-to-face class with the best features of online learning. You benefit from meeting your instructor and peers on a regular basis, face-to-face on campus, while still enjoying the flexibility that online learning offers. These courses reduce scheduled classroom or lab time; you engage in online learning activities and use technology to augment and enhance the face-to-face portion.

eLearning offers more flexibility to meet your needs. Regardless of how you choose to take your courses, you will get an exceptional undergraduate educational experience at Mount Royal University.