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Purchasing Equipment and Software

All purchases of equipment and services must follow the Purchasing Policy and accompanying procedures.

All items purchased by grant funds belong to the institution as per the legislated requirement. Exceptions are only accepted if the funding agency states otherwise in writing.

Purchasing Equipment

To purchase equipment with funding administered by the Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement (ORSCE), please email the Research Finance Analyst,, before purchasing equipment to ensure that:

  • Enough funding is available
  • A hold is placed on those funds under its FOAP
  • The University does not have any similar equipment available to use
  • You have been advised of the procedures regarding equipment use

Small equipment (E.g., voice recorders, basic digital cameras) may be purchased by the researcher and claim for reimbursement and completing an expense report.

With large equipment, Purchasing Policy has to be followed.

Notes to Remember:

  1. If the vendor is providing service(s) to MRU for the first time, a vendor form needs to be completed and sent over to ORSCE with a void cheque or direct deposit slip from the bank.
  2. Contact Supply Chain Services for guides and procedures for purchasing of goods.
  3. Please remember that the purchase of equipment is not an instant process. When spending funds administered by ORSCE, please allow at least a couple of weeks for purchase and delivery.

"Mount Royal University policy requires three (3) competitive quotes for the purchase of goods and services valued $5,000 or greater. A Sole Source Form is used to justify the use of a single source rather than obtaining three quotes due to unique or extenuating circumstances."

Expense Report

You can reimburse a small equipment through an Expense Report once the ORSCE has approved your request.

Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisitions are used to request goods and services to MRU's Purchasing Team. Requisitions act as permission requirements for the buyer(s) to place an order and establish on behalf of Mount Royal. Requisitions are available both in paper and online form.

If the purchase is to be made through Supply Chain Services, do it with a purchase requisition. The Principal Investigator (PI) needs to provide details regarding the purchase and preferred vendor name. This will include a quotation for the Research Finance Analyst who will initiate the purchase.


The ORSCE can arrange for invoices to be directly paid to the vendor. The invoice must be signed by the PI indicating that the goods have been received and are awaiting to be paid for. Send the original invoice to the Research Finance Analyst with a note stating which FOAP to use to pay the invoice.


Purchasing IT Equipment and Software

All IT equipment and software purchases should follow the Purchase of Computer and Telecommunication Equipment policy and procedures.

All IT equipment and software, paid for by administered research funds, must be purchased through Mount Royal ITS. There will be no other option available during this process. Please allow a couple of weeks for purchase and delivery, which will vary on the equipment and/or software being purchased.

  1. Contact Ian Leeson,, in IT Services. Ian will check, test, and make recommendations on the equipment specifications for your project.
  2. Once Ian Leeson provides a quotation, email the Research Finance Analyst to purchase the equipment needed. Include the quotation, name of the equipment and the FOAP number.
  3. The Research Finance Analyst will then complete a purchase requisition and send it to ITS directly.
  4. ITS will notify you once the equipment has arrived.
  1. Contact .
  2. The License Manager will provide the software cost. Once the software is getting processed for purchasing, the ORSCE will either be asked for a purchase requisition or an internal chargeback may be made directly to your FOAP.
  3. Your computer asset tag number will be needed by ITS to install the software.


If you have any questions or require more information, please contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta at 403.440.8639 or