Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund Program Guidelines and Submission Instructions

The FRSDF program provides financial assistance to full-time tenured or tenurable faculty to attend virtually or in person conferences (or similar events for scholarly dissemination) that advance their research and scholarship programs.

Opportunity Deadlines

Fall Application Deadline: noon, December 2th, 2022

Winter Application Deadline: noon Friday, April 28, 2023

Applications must be submitted through the ROMEO Researcher Portal by noon on the submission deadline days. Results will be announced 4-6 weeks from the submission deadline.

New SSHRC Awards

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) recently merged the Aid to Small Universities and SSHRC Institution Grants into a single program to be administered by eligible institutions. MRU received a  3 year $36,503 block grant to be awarded as SSHRC Explore (for research activities) and SSHRC Exchange (for dissemination activities) grants.

The application process for the new SSHRC Grants is integrated with the Internal Research Grant Fund (IRGF) for Explore Grants and Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund (FRSDF) awards for Exchange Grants.

Applications for these new awards will be conducted through ROMEO in the IRGF and FRSDF opportunities respectively. Applicants with SSHRC eligible activities will automatically be considered for the SSHRC Grants by the Scholarship Review Committee. The top 4 ranked IRGF and top 3 ranked FRSDF SSHRC eligible applications from each opportunity will be awarded SSHRC Explore and SSHRC Exchange Grants respectively. These SSHRC awards will be administered identically to existing internal awards, but they will be 'branded' as SSHRC awards and will have specific acknowledgement and reporting requirements.

Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund Guidelines

Applications must comply with MRU's current COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Applicants may only hold one FRSDF (formerly FCTF) award every 2 years. Applicants for an FRSDF or SSHRC Exchange award are not eligible to apply for a new award until 24 months after the last successful application deadline.

The maximum request is $1,500.00. FRDF awards are allocated through the reimbursement of actual expenses related to the applicant's attendance at the approved event. Expenses must be incurred in accordance with applicable Mount Royal University travel guidelines. FRSDF awards may be leveraged with other non-ORSCE sources of funds (i.e. professional development funds, faculty conference support, etc.).

Applications will not be funded retroactively, therefore, events must take place during the following periods:

Competition Deadline Event Dates
December 2th, 2022 January 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023
April 28th, 2022 June 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024

Ineligible applications will be returned without adjudication.

Evaluation Criteria

The Scholarship Review Committee will evaluate the applications using the following criteria:
  • Role of the applicant at the event, with priority given as follows:
    • Speaker (e.g. keynote or podium; highest priority)
    • Presenter (e.g. poster or paper; moderate priority)
    • Attendee (lowest priority)
  • Clear articulation of how the event will advance the applicant's research and scholarship program;
  • Budget, including a cost breakdown and other sources of funds that will be used for this event;
  • Demonstration that the opportunity will lead to further research outcomes (e.g. publications, partnerships, and/or networking);
  • Quality of the application - is it well-written, focused, and clearly laid-out?

ROMEO Application Submission Instructions

Logging into ROMEO
  1. Navigate to the Login Page at
  2. Enter your username (your MRU email address) and password in the Username and Password fields.
  3. Click Login.
  4. You will be redirected to your ROMEO home page.

Selecting the FRSDF Application Form

  1. Click Apply New, found on the right hand side of the Mid Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund application form located in the Awards section. You will be taken to Project Info Tab on the application page.

Project Info Tab

  1. Enter the name of your conference or event in the Title field. This is required information and will result in an error if left blank.
  2. Enter the dates of your conference or event in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Project Team Info Tab

No action required. The Principal Investigator Info section will auto-populate with your profile information.

Project Sponsor Info Tab

No action required. The Project Sponsor Info tab is administered by ORSCE.

Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund Tab

  1. Click the Faculty Research and Scholarship Dissemination Fund tab to review all sub-tabs and fields.
  2. Complete all required or applicable fields.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab allows you to upload all required attachments. Attachments can be uploaded in any file format.
NOTE: The maximum file size is 5MB per attachment.

  • Click Add Attachment to add an attachment.
  • Enter a Description, if applicable.
  • Click Browse to load the appropriate attachment.
  • Enter the Version Date or select the appropriate date using the calendar tool.
  • Select the Doc/Agreement to identify a broad category of attachment, i.e. CV.
  • Click Add Attachment to upload the attachment to the application form.

Errors Tab

The Errors tab displays a list of all required fields. The Errors tab will display until all required fields are complete. All required fields are
marked with a red asterisk (*). An application form cannot be submitted when the Errors tab is visible.

  • Click the Errors tab to review a list of all required fields not yet complete. The Errors tab listing will detail the required tab and field name.
    Complete all required fields to hide the Errors tab.

Submitting the Application

Application forms are designed to e-route your application form to your faculty signing authority prior to review by the ORSCE or HREB. At any
time, you can review an application form's workflow log to check the location and status of your application form.

  • Click Submit and type a brief comment, including any pertinent notes to your designated signing authority.
    NOTE: This is a REQUIRED field, and an application cannot be submitted if you do not include a comment.
  • Click Submit.