Congratulations to the Internal Research Grant Fund (IRGF) winners! IRGF is designed to support eligible faculty in developing their research programs through pilot projects, large-scale applications, and other projects qualified for internal research funds. See program guidelines and submission requirements for more information on how you can qualify Winter 2023 Award Recipients

Standard Grants

Applicant Name Project Name Award
Jeella Acedo Characterization of a Novel Antimicrobial from Streptococcus Mitis $5,000
Nick Strzalkowski The Impact of Hypoxia on Standing Balance Following Visual and Vestibular Perturbations $5,000
Paul Johnston Finding Fault - Implications of Fault-Controlled Eruptive Muds on Animal Communities of the Burgess Shale $5,000
Eric Chalmers Building a Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence to Model Human Learning and Disorders $10,000
Benjamin Daniels Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Southern Alberta During the Early Cretaceous Epoch: Implications for Subsurface Reservoir Characterization $5,000
Rebecca Gilmour Preparing a Large Roman Period Skeletal Collection from Austria for Curation at Mount Royal University $5,000