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Info for students

All MRU students are welcome to participate in Research and Scholarship Days, as individual presenters or as part of a team of collaborators. Research presentations can be focused on findings or projects from any course which you are enrolled in, not just your major. Research conducted outside of courses, but supervised by an MRU faculty member is also eligible. Projects completed in the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms are eligible for entry. Certificates for the best poster, creative works and presentation will be awarded.


How to participate

This year's Research and Scholarship Days will be held from March 27 – April 6, 2023. Depending on your research format, there are two different ways to submit your research and participate.

Option #1 – Poster presentations and creative works

Your research will be featured in our centralized student poster and creative works research celebration on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. This in-person event will take place on Mainstreet between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. — you can indicate what times you are available that day in your registration form.

The recommended poster size is 75 cm wide and 105 cm tall (portrait orientation) or 105 cm wide and 75 cm tall (landscape orientation). Free printing of your poster is available — to be eligible, you must submit your poster file by March 19 at midnight (details on the submission process will be provided after registration).


Option #2 – Oral presentations

After the registration deadline, students can submit an oral presentation via video. Video submissions can be submitted via email at by March 27 at 9 am. Adjudication of the videos will take place on March 30.

Please see the Library's guide on oral presentations for guidelines and tips for creating your presentation.


Important note! These submission forms are for the University-wide research events. Students participating in faculty or department-specific events are eligible to submit the same project to the University-wide events, but you must register for each event separately. 


Registration for 2023 Research and Scholarship Days is now closed. 


Adjudication criteria

When submitting your research abstract, you can choose to have your work adjudicated. Certificates will be awarded for the best poster, creative work or oral presentation. 

Below is an overview of the adjudication criteria by category:

Posters and oral presentations

  • How well does the student talk about their project?
  • How well do the visuals support the research?
  • Is the research comprehensive and convincingly argued?
  • Does the student convey the importance of the project?


Creative works

  • How well does the student talk about the project?
  • How well do chosen visuals/sounds appropriatley support the work's message(s)?
  • How well does the student convey a significant understanding of the topic through their work?
  • How well does the student convey the importance of the project?

Need help preparing?

The Library offers a comprehensive guide explaining everything students need to know, including how to write an abstract, guidelines for creating your presentation/poster, the general criteria by which your project will be judged and tips on conducting your research project itself.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact for assistance.