Research & Scholarship Governance

Research & Scholarship Governance

MRU Strategic Research and Scholarship Plan 2018-2023

Mount Royal University fosters excellence in undergraduate education enriched by research and scholarship for knowledge generation, application and positive change. We are guided by an institutionally-approved document titled Discovery & Change-making through Research and Scholarship.

A central premise of the plan is an exceptional undergraduate experience that includes thoughtful integration of research and scholarship into the tenure of all Mount Royal students. Learning and participating in research alongside faculty members enhances the experience of undergraduate learners through:

  • developing critical, analytic and creative skills,
  • improving the understanding and retention of course material,
  • understanding knowledge creation processes and the innovation cycle,
  • applying new knowledge to novel situations,
  • engaging in creating positive change through community engagement, and
  • increasing confidence, independence and capacity for complex problem-solving.

The SRSP is organized around advancing progress on five goals and associated strategies:

Goal 1: Our Students. Provide Mount Royal students with undergraduate research opportunities.

Goal 2: Our Researchers and Scholars. Enhance support for research and scholarship.

Goal 3: Our Research Infrastructure. Enhance the space, facilities and access for research and scholarship infrastructure.

Goal 4: Telling our Stories - Celebrating our Successes. Increase dissemination and communication of research and scholarship.

Goal 5: Working Together. Increase opportunities for collaboration.


Terms of Reference
  1. Review annually the Institution's Strategic Research Plan and provide advice on its contents, objectives, and orientation.
  2. Consider and review, as required, existing research-related policies and propose new ones, if necessary, and provide advice on their content, interpretation, and implementation.
  3. Provide a forum where new research, scholarly initiatives and ideas can be discussed and reviewed in an inter-disciplinary context.
  4. Provide, through its members, an internal communication mechanism built on the existing institutional structure to broadly communicate information concerning research, funding opportunities, institutional research initiatives, and the like.
  5. Establish, as required, sub-committees to address emerging issues as they relate to research, creative, and scholarly activities and develop proposals for addressing them.
Name Department Phone Email
Michael Quinn Chair, Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President, Academic 403.440.7017
Karen Atkinson-Leadbeater Faculty of Arts 403.440.8442
Laura Balanko-Dickson Student Representative 403.440.6077
Meagan Bowler University Librarian 403.440.6086
Trevor Day Faculty of Science and Technology 403.440.5961
Melissa Deane Director, Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement 403.440.5081
Ray De Paul Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 403.440.8497
Danah Duke Miistakis Institute 403.440.8444
Leah Hamilton Faculty of Business and Communication Studies 403.440.8548
Lynne Lafave Faculty of Health, Community and Education 403.440.5967
Kathy Offet-Gartner Student Affairs and Campus Life 403.440.6362
David Ohreen Chair, Human Research Ethics Board 403.440.8645
Jennifer Pettit Deans' Council Representative 403.440.5985
Margaux Samis Finance Designate (non-voting) 403.440.7044
Sara Sharun University Library 403.440.6135
Erika Smith ADC and GNED 403.440.6568
Lena Soots Trico Changemakers Studio 403.440.5568
James Stauch Institute for Community Prosperity 403.440.7055
Julia Thiessen Marketing and Communications 403.440.6938
Meri Topchieva Student Representative 403.440.6077
Michael Uzoka GFC Member at Large 403.440.6674
Connie Van Der Byl Institute for Environmental Sustainability 403.440.5030
Michelle Yeo Mokakiiks Centre for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 403.440.6494
VACANT Centre for Community Disaster Research 403.440.xxxx
Sheena Jensen Recording Secretary 403.440.6360
The Scholarship Review Committee (SRC) reviews all institution-wide internal grant applications, makes decisions on ranking, and provides recommendations on funding to the Director, Research. The SRC also acts as a team of topic-specialist reviewers that may be called upon by the Grants Facilitator, the Human Research Ethics Board, or individual faculty (through the Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement), to review specific portions of applications. Committee members may also be called upon to review specific types of external calls where the institution is the manager of the funds, such as through AACTI or SSHRC Institutional Grants.
Name Department Email
Melissa Deane (Vice-Chair) Director, Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement
Steven Engler Arts
Cathy Carter-Snell Health, Community and Education
Peter Choate Health, Community and Education
David Bird Science and Technology
AnneMarie Dorland Bissett School of Business
Maryam Elahi Science and Technology
Rajbir Bhatti Bissett School of Business
Cass Foursha-Stevenson Arts
Michelle DeWolfe Science and Technology
Jeella Acedo Science and Technology
Sara Sharun Riddell Library and Learning Centre
Monica Pauls Health, Community and Education
Brian Nichols Arts
Rebecca Gilmour Arts
Cherie Woolmer Teaching and Learning
Karen Pheasant Neganigwane

Teaching and Learning
Jared Fletcher

Health, Community and Education
Ranjan Datta


The Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) is responsible for ensuring that research applications meet the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS2) involving participants, their rights and well-being. Learn more about HREB.
Name Department Phone Email
Lynne Lafave (HREB Chair) Health and Physcial Education  403.440.5967
Karen Manarin (HREB Vice-Chair & SHREC Chair) English, Languages, and Cultures 403.440.7719
Trevor Day Biology 403.440.5961
AnneMarie Dorland Marketing 403.440.6960
Aliyah Dosani Nursing and Midwifery 403.903.8631
Mohamed El-Hussein Nursing and Midwifery 403.440.8633
Naomi Grant Psychology 403.440.8837
Sarah Hamilton Community Representative, Calgary Academy
Cass Foursha-Stevenson Psychology 403.440.8829
Cynthia Gallop General Education 403.440.6985
Brian Jackson Library (Data Mgmt. Specialist) 403.440.5032
Ran Ju Public Relations 403.440.8689
Jack Jin Health and Physical Education (Student Representative)
Jessie Loyer Library 403.440.8699
Karen Manarin  English, Languages, and Cultures  403.440.7719
Matthew McLarnon General Management and Human Resources 403.440.6991
David Ohreen General Education 403.440.8645
Monica Pauls Social Work 403.440.8481
Harris Rubin Geneneral Management and Human Resources 403.440.6658
Rachel Syme Community Member, CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research, University of Calgary
Paul Varella General Management and Human Resources 403.440.5099
Nick Strzalkowski Biology 403.440.5117
Priscilla Wamucii Research Compliance Officer 403.440.8470
Ad Hoc Advisors
Name Department Phone Email
Stacey Page, Chair, CHREB University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (CHREB)
The Student Human Research Ethics Committee (SHREC) is a subcommittee of HREB that reviews course-based work that comprises of the use of human participants in minimal risk studies. Principal Investigators (course instructions) play the role of overseeing all projects within their courses and are responsible for all projects' ethical consideration if the course involves multiple sections.
Name Department Phone Email
Karen Manarin (SHREC Chair) English, Languges, and Culture 403.440.7719
Harpreet Aulakh Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies 403.440.5907
Abdul Chikhouni Bissett School of Business 403.440.6707
Marty Clark Health and Physical Education 403.440.6511
Rachael Pettigrew Bissett School of Business 403.440.6846
Fredrick Ulmer Sociology and Anthropology 403.440.6450
Priscilla Wamucii Research Compliance Office 403.440.8470
The Animal Care Committee (ACC) supports animal-based research in accordance with the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines and policies. This committee ensures all research activities are humane and well-founded to meet the level of standards that should be provided to all participants. Learn more about the ACC.
Name Department Phone & Office Email
Jonathan Mee (Chair) Biology

Phone: 403.440.5150
Melissa Deane Director, Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement

Phone: 403.440.5081
Karen Atkinson-Leadbeater Psychology

Phone: 403.440.8442
Aria Burrel SAMRU
Melissa Cruz Biology

Phone: 403.440.5540
Stuart Elle Risk Management Services

Phone: 403.440.7793
Carrie Fischer

Community Member, Consulting Veterinarian

Jared Fletcher Health, Community & Education

Phone: 403.440.5514
Sarah Hewitt Biology

Phone: 403.440.8755
Heather Nelson General Education

Phone: 403.440.8716
Michelle Priest Community Member
Priscilla Wamucii Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement

Phone: 403.440.8470
Spencer Wishart Community Member

For more information about research and scholarship governance, please contact Associate Vice-President, Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement, Michael Quinn, at 403.440.7017 or