Research Support Fund

Research Support Fund

The Research Support Fund (RSF) program assists Canadian post-secondary institutions and their affiliated research hospitals and Institutes with the expenses associated with managing the research funded by the three federal research granting agencies. The RSF program, formerly known as the Indirect Costs Program, is a Tri-agency initiative of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The RSF program helps post-secondary institutions to manage the financial demands of the indirect costs of research. Indirect costs are defined as the central, faculty, departmental and/or institute costs that Mount Royal University incur to support research but are not attributable to specific research projects. Some examples of the costs supported by the RSF program are:

  • Salaries for staff or students who provide administrative support for researchers and their projects
  • Training costs for workplace health and safety
  • Costs related to the maintenance of libraries and laboratories
  • Administrative costs associated with getting a patent for an invention

Mount Royal University applies annually to receive a grant through the RSF program to help pay for a portion of the administrative costs related to federally funded research. The amount of the grant is based on the average Tri-agency funding received by MRU in the previous three years. MRU received $82,297 in Research Support Funds in 2013-2014, $108,463 in 2014-2015, $161,183 in 2015-2016 and $216,648 in 2016-2017.

Mount Royal University's 2017-2018 Research Support Fund report:

In 2017-2018, Mount Royal University received $223,112 in Research Support Funds and allocated these funds to the following categories:

  1. Regulatory Requirement and Accreditation: $30,45
  2. Management and Administration: $192,662 Mount Royal University's 2017-2018 Research Support Fund report