Research Recognition Awards

Celebrating Research and Scholarship at Mount Royal University

The Office of Research, Scholarship, and Community Engagement is pleased to announce the inaugural Research and Scholarship Recognition Awards. The five awards recognize outstanding achievements of MRU scholars at all career stages and from all disciplines. These awards are designed to celebrate faculty members at Mount Royal University who are making extraordinary contributions to their respective academic/professional fields, our students, and our communities.  By celebrating our faculty members, these awards support and enhance the burgeoning research culture at MRU.

Award winners will be recognized during Research & Scholarship Days and will be featured on the ORSCE web page and newsletter.


There are five distinct Research and Scholarship Recognition Awards:

Emerging Scholar Award

  • Celebrates excellence in research/scholarship for a faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor at Mount Royal University
  • Focuses on research that demonstrates impact and originality by producing new knowledge in their discipline/field


Career Achievement Award

  • Celebrates sustained excellence in research/scholarship over one’s career
  • Acknowledges leadership in research/scholarship in a given area, as recognized by peers at national and/or international levels
  • Recognizes significant contributions to a discipline
  • Demonstrates impact on the work of other scholars, professionals, or community


Undergraduate Research Supervision Award

  • Celebrates a meaningful and sustained commitment to enriching students’ experience at MRU by providing opportunities to participate in and disseminate research/scholarship
  • Identifies a substantial contribution to the growth and development of MRU students’ research competencies


Community Impact Award

  • Honours a researcher who has significantly influenced the community
  • Commends a researcher who has created meaningful research/scholarship partnerships with an external community (e.g., issues-driven community or geographically-defined community, among others)
    • This impact should reflect deep engagement by the community partner, from problem definition through to knowledge integration/mobilization.  
  • Highlights research/scholarship that addresses social, health, environmental, economic, professional, and/or other issues facing our communities


Knowledge Mobilization Award

  • Recognizes a scholar’s innovative and sustained efforts to extend their original scholarly contributions to diverse audiences. In addition to scholars and students, this may include knowledge mobilization activities targeting external community audiences, including practitioners and policy-makers.
    • Some examples of knowledge mobilization mediums that extend beyond scholarly audiences may include: podcasts, webinars, social and mass media, and practitioner/community specific mediums.

Award Guidelines

●  Self-nominations are not accepted

   Each nomination requires two nominators: one primary and one secondary nominator

   Following nomination, a faculty member may only submit one award application in an academic year

   A faculty member can only win one award every five years

   ORSCE will typically give out a maximum of one award per category every academic year

   All nominees are expected to demonstrate principles and behaviours consistent with the responsible conduct of research.



Nominate a scholar (Deadline: January 26, 2018, 5pm)

  Find an appropriate primary and secondary nominator for the nomination

o   For all awards, nominations are invited from colleagues, department chairs, Deans, and institute directors

o   For the Undergraduate Research Supervision Award, nominations are invited from MRU students (at least one of the nominees must be a student)

o   Each nomination requires two nominators: one primary and one secondary nominator

  Nominations can be made by completing the Google Form available here. 


The Nominee will be contacted by the Adjudication Committee and invited to apply for the award. 


Apply for an award, after being nominated (Deadline: February 23, 2018, 5 p.m.)

   Accept or decline a nomination. If you decline a nomination, no action is required.

  If you accept your nomination, submit your complete application package to


  Application package:

o   3- to 4-page cover letter that articulates how you meet the award criteria and your most significant scholarly achievements as they relate to the award

o   CV (any format – MRU CV not required)

o   3-5 letters of support

          For the Undergraduate Research Supervision Award, at least 2 letters from students are required

          For the Community Impact Award, at least 2 letters from community members are required


We are committed to inclusive, barrier-free nomination and selection processes for these awards. We encourage nominations and applications from the entire faculty community.


2018 Adjudication Committee Members:

Chair (non-voting): Michael Quinn, Associate Vice-President; Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement

Carol Armstrong, Associate Professor; Department of Biology

Bill Bunn, Associate Professor; Department of English

David Finch, Associate Professor; Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

Leah Hamilton, Associate Professor; Department of Management & Human Resources

Cari Merkley, Associate Professor; Mount Royal University Library

Gladys Sterenberg, Professor; Department of Education

Michael Uzoka, Professor; Department of Mathematics & Computing