Resources and Training

Resources and Training

Upcoming Seminars, Workshops and Presentations

Name of Event Time, Date and Location Details
IRGF Workshop Wednesday, December 11, 2019
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
U265A - ORSCE Boardroom

Join ORSCE Director Melissa Deane and Associate Professor and former Research Development Officer Leah Hamilton as they offer MRU faculty valuable tips on how to submit a successful Internal Research Grant Fund (IRGF) application for the Winter 2020 opportunity that will open in ROMEO in December.

Faculty members can check their eligibility for this opportunity in the Guidelines.

Please register via the ADC Workshops website.



ROMEO  is an effective one-stop-shop for researchers, signing authorities and reviewers, designed to streamline submission through approval processes. Users can login to check the status of an ethics application, or start a new grant application, or complete a few review assignments.

The ROMEO User guide provides insight on how to use the platform starting from its home page navigation to learning how to submit application and event forms.


General information about the ROMEO Research Portal including important dates about workshops and other updates, and important how-to's.

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ROMEO User Guide

More information about the Research Portal detailing parts and techniques on how to use the platform.

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ROMEO Research Portal

Login to the ROMEO Research Portal to access applications, events, and other research related materials.



Software and By-Appointment Training Sessions 

MRU IT Services is upgrading SPSS to Version 25 (Version 24 stopped working on August 30th). SPSS license holders should have received a message through the System Centre (the pop-up panel at the bottom right corner of your computer screen) to install the new version. If you did not receive this prompt or you have questions about the upgrade process, please contact Julia Johnson in the ORSCE at (403) 440-6069 or

NOTE: Computers/laptops MUST be plugged into an internet port with an ethernet cable on campus in order for the upgrade to be done.

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a software package used for statistical analysis, data management and documentation.

It offers the following features:

  • Descriptive statistics: Cross tabulation, Frequencies, Descriptives, Explore, Descriptive Ratio Statistics
  • Bivariate statistics: Means, t-test, ANOVA, Correlation (bivariate, partial, distances), Nonparametric tests
  • Prediction for numerical outcomes: Linear regression
  • Prediction for identifying groups: Factor analysis, cluster analysis (two-step, K-means, hierarchical), Discriminant 

Request an SPSS installation or let us know that you no longer require this software.

SPSS Basics Tutorials

For assistance in handling/interpreting your SPSS data, please contact us at (403) 440-6069 to set up an appointment.

NVivo is the #1 software package for qualitative data analysis. It was designed for qualitative researchers working with rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data were required.

NVivo accommodates a wide range of research methods, including:

  • network and organizational analysis
  • action or evidence-based research
  • discourse analysis
  • grounded theory
  • conversation analysis
  • ethnography
  • literature reviews
  • phenomenology
  • mixed methods research
  • the Framework methodology.

NVivo supports data formats such as audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, rich text, plain text and web and social media data. Users can interchange data with applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, IBM SPSS Statistics, EndNote, Microsoft OneNote, SurveyMonkey and Evernote; and order transcripts from within NVivo projects, using TranscribeMe (© Wikipedia).

Request an NVivo installation or let us know that you no longer require this software.

QSR provides free access to several NVivo training courses and webinars.

If you have any questions or require more information about ROMEO, please contact us.