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Research Resources
Like teaching, doing research has its own challenges and rewards. Here are a few resources (in no particular order) to help you function as an academic researcher.


  • ROMEO is an effective one-stop-shop for researchers, signing authorities and reviewers, designed to streamline submission through approval processes. Users can log in to check the status of an ethics application, or start a new grant application, or complete a few review assignments.
  • The ROMEO User guide provides insight on how to use the platform starting from its home page navigation to learning how to submit application and event forms.


General information about the ROMEO Research Portal including important dates about workshops and other updates, and important how-to's.

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ROMEO User Guide

More information about the Research Portal detailing parts and techniques on how to use the platform.

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ROMEO Research Portal

Login to the ROMEO Research Portal to access applications, events, and other research related materials.



If you have any questions or require more information about ROMEO, please contact us.


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