Active Threat

Video: Responding to an active shooter situation

Authorities use the term "active shooter" to describe someone who intends on harming people in a populated place, such as a university. Mass casualty events are characterized by security experts as extremely rare and random. However, it's important for our campus community to be ready to respond to a gunman.

In 2014, Mount Royal University partnered with other post-secondary institutions to release a video titled "Shooter on Campus: Know You Can Survive." The nine-minute video, produced by the Campus Alberta Risk and Assessment Committee (CARA), educates viewers on how to respond to an active shooter situation: Get out, Hide, Fight.

Please note the video content is a dramatization that some viewers may find disturbing.

The following information is part of Mount Royal's emergency response manual. Our security services team is committed to protecting the safety of community members against all serious incidents, including fires, severe weather incidents and acts of violence.

Dealing with a violent or unarmed person(s) on campus:
• Scan and assess: Consider your options.
• Check for crowd reactions (screams, gunshots, etc).
• Do not run in the opposite direction of the crowd.
• Ensure your own personal safety.
»ACTION: Possible options: get out, hide, fight

Lockdowns are instituted when it may be too dangerous to evacuate a building. However, if confronted by a violent person during a lockdown, your safety comes first. Remain calm and consider the suggestions below as you decide how to respond.

1. GET OUT - if you can. Choose a safe exit:
• If you are in a confined area, try to keep objects between you and the person to shield
yourself from view and/or a weapon as you escape.
• Try to avoid attracting the shooter's attention.
• If you are in a larger space or outside, run for at least 300 metres and seek cover.

2. If you can't escape, HIDE (lockdown)
• Find a hiding place or room where you will be protected (for example, hide under a heavy desk
or behind a filing cabinet).
• Lock and barricade the door if possible.
• Turn off the lights.
• Stay away from windows, doors and the line of fire.
• Ensure your cell phone is quiet.
• If there is nowhere to hide, lie flat on the ground.
• Stay hidden even if the fire alarm is going off.
• Stay hidden and quiet until the police say otherwise. Do not open doors just because someone
announces "Police". They will enter on their own when the situation is resolved.
• If you are caught by an attacker and used as a hostage, do not make eye contact with the
assailant because this may be considered threatening.

3. FIGHT: This is the last option and should only be considered if there is no other
choice. If you choose to fight:
• Find a hiding place or room where you will be protected.
• Commit to aggressive action.
• Improvise weapons from nearby objects.
• Disarm and incapacitate the threat in any way you can.

Communications: When it is safe telephone 911 immediately. Report the following:
• "This is an emergency at Mount Royal University. There is a violent threat on campus."
• Your name.
• The nature of the violent act being committed.
• Whether there are weapons or alcohol visible.
• The number of people involved.
• Your building name and location.
Stay on the line as long as it is safe to do so. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to or until the dispatcher has hung up. Then telephone Security Services at local 5900 (403.440.5900 on a mobile device).