Any time you hear the fire alarm (evacuation tone), you must immediately evacuate to the Must Point locations (see map below) or at least 100 metres from the building you are in. These locations are marked by signs identifying "MUSTER POINT (Letter)". An evacuation may also be signaled through other channels including (but not limited to) email, Security Services, Emergency Wardens or the Mass Communication System (PA system).


How to evacuate campus buildings

  1. Take any personal belongings (purses, coats, car keys, backpacks) - but only if they are easily accessible. Do not return to an office, classroom or locker to retrieve belongings.
  2. Walk to the nearest emergency exit. Remain calm and do not run.
    • Close but do not lock the door behind you when leaving rooms.
    • Do not go against the flow of people.
    • Do not use elevators. Use the stairs if necessary.
    • Do not use your call phone unless you are contacting Security Services for evacuation assistance. Do not text or tweet - it's more important to get out of the building.
  3. After enduring your own personal safety, assist people who have physical disabilities or who need help. If you need additional assistance, telephone Security Services at 403-440-5900.
  4. Move at least a100 metres from the building.
    • Report to the closest Muster Point location.
  5. Do not return to the building until advised by Security Services or Emergency Wardens.

Evacuating during a class or meeting

  1. Immediately end the class or meeting.
  2. Instruct everyone to evacuate the building.

Professors, instructors and meeting chairs are also responsible for knowing the closest emergency exit and for showing others where that exit is. This should be indicated at the start of any meeting and at the beginning of each course session.

Assisting people with disabilities

Emergency Wardens are employees that may provide assistance to people with disabilities - but all evacuees should still offer assistance to anyone with a disability when leaving the building, if it does not compromise personal safety. If you need additional help, telephone Security Services at 403-440-5900. Stay on the line until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.