Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm FAQ's


Alert Tone

  • the alert sound is used in the main building when only one fire system device has been activated.
  • it allows Security to asses the alarm without evacuating the whole building.
  • there is a voice message that will play during this alarm that will state that 'the alarm is being investigated'.
  • the fire department will respond when this alarm is activated.
  • you do not need to evacuate the building when this alarm is sounding. If you feel unsafe you can evacuate during this alarm.

Evacuation Tone

  • the evacuation sound is the only alarm in the outer buildings (EA, EB, EC, ED, Conservatory, Parkade and West Residence).
  • when a second fire system device is activated in the main building this alarm will be heard.
  • when you hear this alarm please evacuate the building to the closest Muster Point on campus (map below).
  • the fire alarm will respond when this alarm is activated.
  • Security Services will notify evacuated people and Emergency Wardens when the building is safe to enter.



What do you do if you encounter a fire?

1. If you discover a fire, you must report it, don't assume that someone else has or will. Go to the nearest fire alarm pull station and pull the bar to activate the fire alarm.


2. Exit the area and when in a safe location telephone 911 and then Security Services at 403-440-5900. Provide the following information:

  • "This is a fire emergency at Mount Royal University",
  • The building you are in, the location within the building where the fire is located and nature of the fire,
  • Your name.

What do you do if you hear the fire alarm?

Alert Tone (main building only)

  • Get prepared to evacuate the building,
  • Listen to the instructions being given over the mass communication system (uses same speakers as the fire alarm),
  • If you feel unsafe, you can evacuate the building to the nearest Muster Point.

Evacuation Tone

  • Follow evacuation instructions (see below),
  • If you encounter smoke, keep close to the floor because smoke rises,
  • Do not open a door until you have felt the door knob . If the knob is hot, keep the door closed. Fire on the other side of the door can blast through the slightest opening with tremendous force. If you open the door and find excessive smoke that prevents you from leaving, close the door and keep it closed.
  • Close doors but do not lock them behind you as you leave the room - they will slow the spread of fire.
  • Do not arbitrarily break windows - falling glass is a serious threat to both pedestrians and firefighting personnel.

Evacuation Instructions

  • Take any personal belongings - but only if they are easily accessible. Do not return to an office, classroom or locker to retrieve belongings.
  • Walk to the nearest emergency exit; remain calm and do not run.
  • After ensuring your own personal safety, assist people how have physical disabilities or who need help. If you need additional assistance. telephone Security Services at 403-440-5900.
  • Report to the closest Muster Point location.
  • D o not return to the building until advised by Security Services or an Emergency Warden.