Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

If you are qualified to do so, administer or co-ordinate first aid until a higher standard of care arrives (Paramedics, Police, Fire)


If the emergency is life threatening

  1. Telephone or have someone telephone 911 (remember to dial 9-911 if calling from an internal landline).
  2. If you're not sure that the emergency is life threatening, but appears serious, telephone 911 anyway. Report the following:
    • "This is a medical emergency at Mount Royal University".
    • The building you are in.
    • Your location within the building
    • The nature of the medical emergency.
    • Actions taken thus far.
    • Your name
  3. After you have contacted 911, telephone Security Services at 403-440-5900 and inform them of the situation.

If the emergency is not life threatening

  1. Telephone Security Services at 403-440-5900.

Staff from Security Services will:

  • Respond to the scene.
  • Assess the condition of the victim and administer or assist with first aid.
  • Determine whether to call Emergency Medical Services.