Student Support & Response Team

The Student Support & Response Team (SSRT) is a collaborative team intended to review, assess, and respond in a non-disciplinary manner to support the health and wellbeing of students and those affected by an impactful situation. The team will determine appropriate ways to support the student’s learning, facilitate access to appropriate internal and external services, provide health and wellbeing support, and address potential risk or harm to the Student, University Community, or others. 

The multidisciplinary team includes (but is not limited to) members from the following areas on campus: Access and Inclusion Services, the Iniskim Centre, Academic Advising Services, Security Services, the Office of the Registrar, Residence Services, Student Community Standards, the Office of Student Experience, and Wellness Services.

If members of the Mount Royal community wish to refer a student they feel should be brought to the attention of SSRT, please complete the Early Support Referral Form. A member of the Early Support Team will then contact you. 

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. On campus emergencies or imminent danger should always be reported to Emergency Services (911) and/or MRU Security Services (403.440.5900).