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Employee Wellness connects you with a variety of services, resources and programs that support physical health. Whether it’s Yoga in the Park, Community Acupuncture or sessions on Work/Life Balance, Employee Wellness strives to promote health initiatives that improve the wellness of employees. Check out Wellness Wednesdays for upcoming health and wellness initiatives.

Physical activity has been found to increase life expectancy, protect you from some types of cancer, and improve overall wellbeing. Find creative ways to build in physical activity to your existing schedule by layering exercise with things you're already doing or finding ways to replace activities with ones that get you moving more. 

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park a little further or walk places instead of driving 
  • Walk while talking on the phone to friends, family or co-workers instead of sitting
  • Plan walking meetings
  • Replace one social sedentary activity a week with a social physical activity (e.g. hike, tennis or salsa class instead of dinner and drinks) 
  • Join a Meet Up group and go for a hike, walk, etc. and meet new people at the same time
  • Try out the treadmill desks in the library


Other Physical Health resources

MRU Recreation Centre
This amazing on-campus facility offers classes, fitness equipment, a pool, swim lessons, a climbing wall, intramural sports, personal training and more. MRU offers its full-time employees (MRSA, MRFA, Management/Exempt) a complimentary membership to the Recreation Centre as an employee benefit. MRU Employees must have their ONECard to scan for entry. Learn more about the facilities, available classes, equipment rentals, courses, Cougars’ games and other programming

Check out Rec's new MOVE MORE program with classes including HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Spin and Strength Training. Purchase your MOVE MORE pass here

Health Services Medical Clinic
This on-campus facility is a primary health-care clinic available to members of the Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA) and the Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA), as well as Exempt and Management employees. A team of physicians and nurses, including nurse practitioners and mental health nurses, provide care ranging from emergency appointments to cholesterol and blood pressure screening to referrals to specialists. Learn more.

The MRU Injury and Prevention Clinic 
MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic is a full service, inter-disciplinary injury rehabilitation and prevention clinic. A team of health-care practitioners promote good physical and mental wellness by delivering exceptional care. Services include athletic therapy, chiropractic care, custom orthotics, custom orthotics, physiotherapy and massage therapy. Eligible fees can be submitted to Sun Life for reimbursement. Learn more. 

The MRU Student Practicum Massage Clinic 
The Student Practicum Clinic allows MRU staff the opportunity to have low cost massages and provides massage students the opportunity to practice their skills. Massages are provided by first year to fourth year students at a cost of only $20.00. Because students have not yet completed their training, this amount is not able to be claimed under Sun Life Benefits. The massage only differs from a regular massage in that an assessment will be completed at the start of the massage, there is a short instructor observation during the session and clients are asked to fill out a short feedback form at the end of the session. The Sudent Clinic is located in EC2120 on the second floor of the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning building. Friends and famlly can also get massages at the clinic for a price of $30.00. Book an appointment today 

Sun Life
Sun Life has a host of great resources on physical health including:

  • The Lumino Health Centre, with health and wellness information to support your journey. Find and book appointments with health professionals, discover resources and offers, and access articles from experts and trustworthy organizations. Log in to mysunlife.ca and look for the Lumino Health Centre. 
  • Sun Life Healthy You is a playbook for living a healthy and balanced life. Created by the Toronto Raptors training staff, the playbook covers topics such as goal-setting, routine building, physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health and is the same advice Raptors staff would give its players — but adapted for everyday Canadians. Sun Life Healthy You is built to help make every day a little healthier and more fulfilling.