New EFAP at Mount Royal

Mount Royal has a new Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider. With a focus on digital-first well-being support, Inkblot Therapy provides options that align with our employees’ needs, including easy-to-access counselling, and life and work services in the areas of work and career, health and nutrition, legal and financial, life transitions and more.

Employee Wellness pages have been updated to reflect these valuable resources designed to support you and your family. Let's prioritize our well-being and contribute to a supportive work environment in which we can all thrive, personally and professionally.

Employees have access to Homewood Health, Mount Royal’s current EFAP, through Thursday, Aug. 31.

Learn more about accessing Homewood Health this month.

Find the right care at the right time

New resources added to MRU’s Employee Family Assistance Program

Access the resources and supports you need through Pathfinder, the new digital platform of Mount Royal’s Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider Homewood Health. 

Pathfinder tailors personalized care plans and service recommendations based on your unique needs. It assesses the severity of your concern and your level of risk, understands your preferences, and delivers the clinically appropriate service or solution.

It delivers a curated care path and EFAP service recommendations based on your needs and preferences. With Pathfinder, you select your preferred approach to support. Choose from a virtual experience, a fully ‘live’ experience by telephone or a combination of the two. 

The Pathfinder Suite includes:

  • My Dashboard: Start your experience here to access specific resources, check-in on counselling appointments, launch self-directed programs and browse to learn more about the wealth of supports available. 
  • Homewood Pathfinder Journeys: You’re led through triage, assessment and service offerings based entirely on your unique needs and preference. Share what is going on and Homewood recommends a primary service or resource, along with a secondary resources that you may also choose to access. 
  • Homewood PulseCheck: This tool features a simple slider to share how you’re feeling. Use it regularly to track how you’re doing over time and Homewood will share resource recommendations tailored to your responses. 
  • Clinically validated screeners and online booking: Validated screeners for anxiety, depression and trauma, as well as other presenting issues, are used to triage your situation. You have access to professional intake consultants 24/7. The booking process is smooth and fast. 
  • MeetNow: When appropriate, qualified professional support may be available online through MeetNow. Through this first service of its kind in EFAP, you have access to a Homewood professional for a single session immediately, if it works for you. You can also schedule a session for a later, more convenient time.
  • e-AP: This mobile application for iOS and Android devices provides users access to treatment tools, resources and support provided by Homewood Health. e-AP includes access to tools and resources on HomeWeb, one-touch phone access to Homewood’s Client Services Centre and access to HomeChat (live chat).

    These resources to support your well-being — and that of your eligible dependents — are available at no cost to you and are totally confidential. 

    If you have an existing account with Homewood Health at, log in to access Pathfinder and use the invitation code MRU684. If you don’t have an account yet, follow the instructions below.  


Sentio added to EFAP at MRU

Sentio — a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program with more than 20 treatment goals from stress management to improving sleep and a wealth of tools and resources to assist you — is another new resource for employees. ​​Sentio helps improve your mental health, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety with the proven methods of CBT. Created by clinical professionals and based on research and clinical practice, Sentio is available via as well as an app for iPhone and Android devices.

​​Sentio helps improve your mental health, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety with the proven methods of CBT. Created by clinical professionals and based on research and clinical practice, Sentio contains a wealth of tools and resources, including coaching, to assist you. The Sentio app is also available for download on iPhone and Android devices.

Learn more about Sentio, including:

  • its self-assessment tool that leads to a recommended care path for your needs
  • regular assessments that provide insight on your progress
  • psychoeducational modules that are engaging, informative and suited to your situation
  • activities and exercises to build skills and implement them in everyday situations
    journaling and symptom tracking

Please note: Sentio is replacing Homewood’s current online CBT program  i-Volve. Once access to Sentio is provided to employees on Nov. 30, any open i-Volve iCBT cases will be closed within 90 days.