About Us

About Us


MRU Kids has been offering high-quality children (5-8) and youth (9-14) summer programs in a fun, innovative and culturally inclusive environment since 1990. We began as a small operation with eight camps, approximately 300 campers and 20 staff members. Today, MRU Kids welcomes more than 2,000 campers and 80 staff to our various camps each summer.

MRU Kids missionMRU Kids is Where You Come to Learn and Play! Our mission is to provide high-quality child and youth camps in a creative, fulfilling environment with a fun-focused approach. Our camps introduce children and youth to a wide range of topics beyond what is taught in the classroom, allowing them to develop new interests, skills and friendships.

MRU Kids guiding principles 

  1. We thrive on creating fun learning experiences for our staff and campers.
  2. We share ideas and communicate openly.
  3. We are genuine, considerate and respectful.
  4. We are knowledgeable and value lifelong learning.
  5. We are problem solvers and have a “can-do” attitude.
  6. We support creativity and personal growth.
  7. We support a safe, respectful environment.
  8. We are inclusive and embrace diversity.

MRU Kids staff

MRU Kids staff are highly motivated, skilled with many being post-secondary students. Instructors are specialists in their discipline of instruction or aspiring teachers. Each camp also has a group leader who supervises the group and plans recreational activities throughout the day. Our energetic and educated staff understand that MRU Kids is where children and youth come to learn and play. All instructors and group leaders are Standard First-Aid certified, and have experience working with children and youth. They also participate in a four-day mandatory training session prior to camp starting.