Social Innovation Hub

The Social Innovation Hub is a new MRU initiative that will bring together a diverse group of individuals – students, MRU faculty, and external community members – working within social innovation. These individuals and organizations will work alongside one another in a co-working space and social R&D lab where they can brainstorm, create, and implement new ideas that address social or environmental challenges. Though these organizations will span the spectrum of for-profit entities to non-profit community organizations, they will share a common theme of working to make a positive impact on the world. There are three core values to which the Social Innovation Hub will abide by – community, learning, and innovation. These core values will ensure the Social Innovation Hub is a catalyst for supporting MRU's and Calgary's social entrepreneurial community.

Through experiential learning and community based applied research, MRU provides a multitude of collaboration and learning opportunities – with access to a diverse student population, faculty thought leaders, research projects, and rich campus services and facilities. The Social Innovation Hub will go far beyond being a desk space for individuals and organizations to locate, and will also catalyze networking, collaboration, and making a greater collective impact.

For more information about this initiative, contact Alix Linaker, Social Innovation Animator.