Trico Changemakers Studio

The Trico Changemakers Studio is a place where community, innovation, and learning converge, turning ripples of possibility into waves of change. As a vibrant coworking and learning space, it will bring together community members and students immersed in Calgary’s social innovation space. They will work alongside each other, and collaborate on new, innovative ideas that address social or environmental challenges. The Studio will help advance Calgary’s social innovation ecosystem by providing a collaborative work and learning space that is intentional in building capacity, cultivating an innovative culture, and creating meaningful student-community connections.

The three core values of the studio are community, learning and innovation. These core values will determine which organizations join as partners and drive the mission of the studio.

For who?
  • For students, to research challenges; to create, test, and incubate new ideas; to be mentored by social entrepreneurs and community leaders; and to launch their careers as changemakers.
  • For new social ventures, to work alongside each other in a supportive but critical learning environment, testing and prototyping new ways to address social and environmental challenges.
  • For established community organizations and networks, to collaborate in a social R&D setting, upping everyone’s game and innovating to tackle complex challenges.
The Studio is joint initiative between the Institute for Community Prosperity, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Bissett School of Business.

For more information regarding the Studio, please contact Jill Andres, Director of the Trico Changemakers Studio, at jandres@mtroyal.ca