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Within Mount Royal University, a number of institutes facilitate collaborative, multidisciplinary research and are bridges to the wider community the University serves.
Mount Royal staff co-create student guide for Map the System Challenge
Mount Royal’s tenth president and first vice-chancellor
Student leader brings together Indigenous youth to talk about future of energy
In the coming decades, many predict that we will reach the point of technological singularity, a moment where artificial intelligence (AI) will be sufficiently self-aware that machines will themselves create exponential leaps in technological growth, profoundly changing – or in darker forecasts, replacing – human civilization. For those concerned with the health, resilience and sustainability of the community sphere - civil society, the social economy, the non-profit sector and philanthropy, the implications of this singularity, at first glance, seem terrifying. But on closer inspection, the opposite may be true.
Experience as a nurse make research on opiod crisis solutions especially relevant
“Those who create sparks”
Certificate strengthens Alberta’s growing network of changemakers
MRU research is helping kids eat better
Dementia Network Calgary makes public media launch

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