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Latasha Calf Robe wins prestigious Calgary Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award
Within Mount Royal University, a number of institutes facilitate collaborative, multidisciplinary research and are bridges to the wider community the University serves.
Mount Royal staff co-create student guide for Map the System Challenge
Mount Royal’s tenth president and first vice-chancellor
Student leader brings together Indigenous youth to talk about future of energy
In the coming decades, many predict that we will reach the point of technological singularity, a moment where artificial intelligence (AI) will be sufficiently self-aware that machines will themselves create exponential leaps in technological growth, profoundly changing – or in darker forecasts, replacing – human civilization. For those concerned with the health, resilience and sustainability of the community sphere - civil society, the social economy, the non-profit sector and philanthropy, the implications of this singularity, at first glance, seem terrifying. But on closer inspection, the opposite may be true.
Experience as a nurse make research on opiod crisis solutions especially relevant
“Those who create sparks”
Certificate strengthens Alberta’s growing network of changemakers
MRU research is helping kids eat better

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