The Institute for Community Prosperity participates in research on social innovation, leading community change, investing in community, civil society, and the social economy at a local, provincial, and national level in Canada.

The Institute has either authored or funded hundreds of papers, monographs, book chapters on the non-profit profit sector and social economy, more recently focusing on social enterprise. The Institute’s current research interests relate to social innovation, investing in community and leading community change. An instrumental part of that commitment has been the support of internal research initiatives at Mount Royal, including direct research funding and the development of a  national research network on the nonprofit sector and the social economy.

Social Innovation

Are the business models we are using now within the community sector able to deliver the transformations needed to address our most pressing challenges?  At the same time, can the private, public and community sectors speak a shared language for addressing a the common good? To what extent is social innovation more than just a new language – i.e. a new mindset, skill set, and set of methodologies?

Leading Community Change

How important is the development of leadership skills and confidence to creating social innovation or transformative change? Do we have a shared understanding of how to design, collaborate, motivate, and effect systems-level change?

Investing in Community

How is the social economy, social innovation and community change financed? How are the roles of philanthropic foundations, corporate community investment, and public finance shifting?

Nonprofit & Social Economy

The Institute for Nonprofit Studies produced over a decade of research on the nonprofit sector, including on charities in Canada, nonprofit governance, public policy and government relations, and the finance and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. Much of this research is archived here. Click "Learn More" to view.