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Learn to be a Changemaker

The Institute supports three main realms of changemaker learning:

1. For-credit, undergraduate learning for aspiring changemakers;
2. Learning opportunities for people already working in the community; and
3. Bridging academic learning with community action.

Program Options:

Minor in Social Innovation : A six-course program of study open to ANY student in any degree-track program at MRU interested in community innovation and social change.

Co-Curricular Options:

Map the System 2020: The Oxford Map the System Challenge, hosted by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, requires students to showcase their understanding of system-level social and environmental challenges. Unlike a pitch competition, students in the Map the System Challenge are evaluated based not on a ‘solution’ to a problem, but rather on the depth of understanding of the problem, as well as the nature, diversity, efficacy and relationships of current interventions (whether by governments, NGOs, social movements or the marketplace).

Other examples of changemaking at MRU include:

Field Schools

Changemakers are learning through profound experiential opportunities, such as exploring environmental sustainability in Scotland; Indigenous history in what is now southern Alberta; and social, cultural and personal development in India.

Global Citizen Centre

Changemakers are sharing experiences, engaging in dialogue, and creating connections across cultures.

LaunchPad Program

Changemakers are growing as entrepreneurs and launching ventures through curricular and co-curricular programs that provide formal learning, mentorship, funding and access to a thriving community.

Life-Writing Project

Changemakers are improving outcomes related to student learning, as well as to elder care through this nationally-recognized Community Service Learning course.

Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokay

Changemakers are deepening their cultural awareness and understanding through mentorship, connections with Elders and knowledge keepers, and other forms of cultural support.

Social Innovation Extension Certificate

Changemakers who are pursuing social, economic and ecological change locally and globally are returning to MRU to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their networks.

Stepping Up

Changemakers are preventing relationship violence through a research-based program designed and facilitated by students for students.

Sustainability at MRU

Changemakers are creating a sustainable university through energy renewal, conscientious land use, waste reduction, and stewardship of green spaces.