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Unwind with EnCana Health and Wellness Centre's podcasts

Maybe you’ve been sitting hunched over your desk for four hours, marking essays or exams and still have a sea of paper to sift through before the day ends.

Perhaps you’ve been standing in front of a class for two hours, teaching a complex lesson the students just don’t seem to be getting. Or maybe you’ve been standing behind a service desk for way too long for your own good.
Tune into the Encana Health and Wellness Centre's podcasts and relieve some stress or get your blood pumping with an exercise podcast.

The EnCana Health and Wellness Centre hopes to offer staff, faculty and students a respite from their daily stress, no matter where they are with new, uploadable podcasts offering insightful and relaxing meditation tips.

Michael Morrissey, brand manager and communications officer for the Health and Wellness Centre, says he hopes members of the Mount Royal community will be able to find an oasis wherever they are by pulling these podcasts up on their iPhones, Blackberrys or iPods.

“One might have a video of a therapist guiding you through stretching techniques with an exercise band while sitting at your desk. Another has a therapist taking a few minutes to offer tips so you know how to wear a backpack in the least stressful manner.”

And that’s precisely the concept driving this page. Most people would like to have the time to refocus, to do something healthy for themselves if they had the time and place, Morrissey says.

Now, even the person who is constantly on the go can find that place.

Aside from the video, there are also audio podcasts that offer basic relaxation exercises, passive muscle release, deep inner relaxation and progressive muscle release exercises that can help you work through your stress, mentally and physically.

“Ultimately what we’re trying to do is make it really accessible so everyone can get the information instantaneously, in a portable medium.

“These podcasts will be great for anyone who needs a little time to take a breath, relax, get rid of some of the day’s stress. We want to make staff and faculty aware of it because it’s a stressful time of year for them. “

—Steven Noble
    April 23, 2009