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Big dreams launched at unique to MRU pitch competition

LaunchPad2015 MRU
Winners of the 2016 JMH LaunchPad Compeition, Zac Hartley, Brad Williamson, Spencer Burton, Emily Bartlett, Ozzy Lang, Michaela Day, Carille Mendoza, Jayden Whyte, Quinn Wilton, Zachary Champoux.

Suds, smoke, sustainability, social media and student support were the themes during the 2016 JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition at Mount Royal University. The fourth annual event took place on April 5, 2016, as several hundred supporters gathered to cheer on seven Mount Royal student ventures all competing for over $75,000 in cash prizes.

Winners included a smoke barrel business, green coffee cup innovator, recycled-denim yoga mat guru, geo-tech social media initiative, and an app for students struggling with depression and anxiety — for more information on this year’s LaunchPad competitors, as well as Mount Royal’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, visit the Institute’s Blog, or the Bissett School of Business Insider Blog.

LaunchPad 2016 winners include

Smoke Barrel
Zac Hartley
Smoke Barrel manufactures custom hand-crafted hot and cold smokers from old wine and whiskey barrels. The most beautiful smoker on the market can also be customized to tailor the product for the most discerning customer.
JMH & Co Award: $10,000; 
BUSY Foundation Award: $10,000;
 Stikeman Elliott LLP Legal Services: $10,000 (in-kind)

Green Cup
Emily Bartlett and Ozzy Lang
Green Cup is a social enterprise that is reducing the amount of coffee cup waste in Canada. They sell advertisements on compostable cups and distribute those cups in the advertiser's target market.
JMH & Co Award: $10,000; 
Institute for Environmental Sustainability Award: $2,500

Nomad Eco Products
Zachary Champoux
Nomad Eco Products produces a 100 per cent recycled yoga mat that mends our relationship with the planet by making what is torn, whole again. The yoga mats are made from recycled denim and are as unique as they are environmentally friendly.
JMH & Co Award: $10,000

Brad Williamson
Tang is a geographic-based, temporary social media network that allows users to see what people are up to around them. Users can search for relevant content based off of a hashtag, within a particular vicinity, or both. The user controls how long the content exists so one can share silly moments without the infinity history of most social media.
JMH & Co Award: $10,000

Little Blue Cloud
Carille Mendoza and Michaela Day
Little Blue Cloud is an online/app-based resource for students struggling with depression and anxiety. Features such as an anonymous peer-support chat system and a self-help database provide a comfortable, non-stigmatized environment where users can talk to others facing similar situations.
Institute for Community Prosperity Award: $2,500
; Design4Change Marketing Services: $5,000 (in-kind)

The Well Brewing Company
Quinn Wilton
The Well Brewing Company is Alberta’s first community-driven craft brewery and well-positioned to take advantage of the booming craft beer industry. Members receive exclusive access to member only beer, tasting events and democratic voting on names and the types of beer being produced.
BUSY Foundation Award: $5,000