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January 2015
Redesign offers responsiveness and improved user experience
Mount Royal Recreation makes a splash with H2AbleMount Royal Recreation makes a splash with H2Able
A Mount Royal journalism student blinded by poison drinks while travelling takes back her life and pays it forward with the help of Bissett School of Business student.
On Jan. 28 the Digital Pathways team at the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU), in partnership with Mount Royal University, will combat stigma surrounding mental health
English instructor challenges writers to try his ‘two-pages-a-day’ regime
On April 21, Grant Paterson led a performance to honour his mother, Leona Paterson, who founded the Speech and Drama Department in 1944, and also made a major donation of his mother's papers to Mount Royal's archives in 2012 ...
On Feb. 19, Mount Royal faculty will showcase eLearning at the University and how the essence of the face-to-face brand is translated into an online learning environment ...
After her groundbreaking study revealed startling results, Assistant Professor Aliyah Mawji hopes to raise awareness about how new parents can promote their infant’s health.
It’s a profound question to grapple with at any time, and first year students tackled the question during Mount Royal University’s New Student Orientation week.
The president’s fall address provided food for thought, starting with matters close to the collective stomach: The campus community won’t go hungry because of Sodexo’s departure.

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