Story Guidelines

Mount Royal's publications include the stories you see on the home page and Current News page, Summit magazine's print and online edition, as well the Our Community section of

MRU community members are encouraged to submit story ideas by using the online submit form . Faculty members are also encouraged to connect with their department's Marketing and Communications strategist for more information on how to submit applicable story ideas for consideration. Your strategist can help you articulate a story angle and/or advise you on the best place to share your information with the campus community.


All Mount Royal University employees are encouraged to submit story ideas for Mount Royal's publications. While all story submissions will be considered for publication, the Editor of Publications will have the final say on whether or not submissions will be included.

Publications story guidelines

Mount Royal University's home page ( ) and Current News stories

The home page is the University's face to the world. It's a starting point and doorway into the University for not only prospective students, supporters and the general community, but for current students and those already affiliated with the University - a place where our feature stories are told, our institutional information is relayed and our high-level messages to the community are communicated.

The home page is a place for everyone to get news, happenings and information about Mount Royal. The information provided in home page stories should be delivered in an easily digestible, informative and exciting tone that will help advance Mount Royal to internal and external audiences at all times.

We achieve this by featuring people and projects that show - not tell - why Mount Royal is one of Canada's premier undergraduate institutions. Home page stories and information will be delivered in a in an easy to read, face-to-face style that adheres to Mount Royal's Marketing and Communications writing style and brand guidelines, as well as Canadian Press style guidelines. The Editor of Publications reserves the right to edit all stories to fall in line with the above guidelines and brand tone.

Stories chosen for the home page include at least one of the following:

  • Compels readers to learn more about MRU because the story impacts them and their community, not just the MRU community, or academic community
  • Informs readers about MRU and propels our position and level in North America/exemplifies us as a premier Canadian university
  • Supports MRU's aspirations and strategic goals
  • Highlight student achievement
  • Highlight faculty achievement - research, awards, personal …
  • Links to timely events
  • Is of the highest public interest
  • Positions MRU as a leader and innovator
  • Exemplifies brand pillars: Individualized Attention, Outcome Focused, Quality Teaching and Learning Environment, Community Responsive

Print and online edition of Summit magazine

Summit is published in the fall and spring each year. Its stories introduce readers to the exceptional students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters of Mount Royal University who are, together, helping to change the face of education in Canada. Summit's content showcases the aspirations, achievements and contributions of Mount Royal students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters and, in so doing, clarify Mount Royal's profile as a Canadian leader in undergraduate education. The magazine's stories make students want to attend Mount Royal and/or makes those at Mount Royal proud to be here. They are inspiring, informative, and showcase Mount Royal's leading community members, news, events, teaching and learning, and research initiatives.


Stories chosen for Summit most commonly include one or more of the following attributes:

  • Positions MRU and our people as thought leaders and change makers
  • Compels readers to learn more about MRU because the story impacts them and their community, not just the MRU community, or academic community
  • Connects to alumni in some way and/or would interest alumni readers
  • Inspires community support
  • Informs readers about MRU and propels our position and level in North America/exemplifies us as a premier Canadian university
  • Profiles someone connected with MRU that helps exemplify our position in the community (i.e., an outstanding alumni member, faculty member, staff member etc.)

Our Community internal page and newsletter

The Our Community pages on are updated on a timely basis. An email blast informing staff and faculty of new internal-facing stories, announcements, awards, poll topics and the like, is sent to the faculty and staff community weekly. The deadline for story submissions is at least two full weeks prior to the publication dates, however a month or more is preferable.

When submitting a story for the Our Community audience, consider:

  • Is the story of interest to all faculty and staff members?
  • Does the story provide information, which is deemed important to the campus community?
  • Does the story have visual elements?

To pitch a story to one of MRU's publications, please use the online submit form.


Who: (who might be included or interviewed for this story. Who is the "face" of the piece. Who is impacted - students, faculty, community members etc.)

What: (what's going happen or what the research, event, initiative is about or is to achieve)

When: (when is it taking place or is this story timely in some way)

Where: (On campus? In community etc.)

Why: (why would READERS care about this story - how does it effect the reader and why would they want to engage with the written piece)

How: (how does this elevate the University's reputation or tell a story about MRU that features our community members as leaders)

Announcements and events versus stories

So, it's not really a story but you have a community announcement or event that you would like to be considered for

With the Announcements and Events Calendar listings on the home page this information can be shared with our campus community. Announcements can be posted for employees and students, or only for employees, as desired. Anything with a date, time and location should be submitted to the events calendar. An announcement provides high level, critical and relevant information to the University community. To submit an announcement, email For more guidelines visit the Welcome portlet on the homepage of

Bleed Blue awards and milestones (briefs)

A faculty member, student, alumni, staff or other community member has been honoured with a notable award? If you submit a story idea about an award or honour and it is not included in a publication as a story, it may be because we feel it's best included in the Bleed Blue section of Our Community or Summit magazine's print edition. Check the Our Community page on to see some of your colleagues latest accomplishments. Awards, honours and special accomplishments generally go beyond attendance or presentations at conferences.

In each of Mount Royal's publications we look for stories with personal angles, written in an easy-to-read, face-to-face style that our community can absorb and process quickly while also finding value in the content. Stories should adhere to Canadian Press and Mount Royal's Editorial Style Guide.