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Checking in with Mount Royal alumni: Genevieve Flasch

Genevieve Flasch Alumni
Your name, program and year of graduation at MRU?

Genevieve Flasch, Bachelor of Applied Interior Design, 2006

Your career path in 140 character or less...(Twitter style)?
1 yr commercial design. 3 yrs residential design. Started a business with partners catering to high-end builders. Never looked back!

What do you miss most about being a student?

The comradery and community. No one knows what your life is like except the other 39 people in your class.

What was the most important course you took at MRU and why?
First year, first semester design. It helped me think about everything in our world in a different way and got me excited for the rest of my education.

Describe how you have made a difference in your community after graduating from MRU?
As a whole, our class breaks a lot of rules. We share information with each other that most people in our industry keep to themselves in order to get ahead. We learned early in our education that we’ll be more successful and happier members of our industry if we are part of a support network – a team. I’m still in touch with most of my classmates and we give back to each other in this way. 

What is the best piece of advice you received at MRU that helped prepare you for your career?
That design ideas and creativity are not “on tap”. You can’t just turn it on and off. You have to be open to suddenly thinking of great ideas at some pretty inconvenient times and if you don’t write them down, they might be gone forever.

What is your claim to fame?
 I doubt I have a claim to fame but I do love connecting people to jobs. When I hear of a great opportunity I think someone might be a good fit for, I let them know. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But I love being a part of changing someone’s life in that way! What we do for our careers and where we work is important because if we don’t love it, then we’re stuck doing it for a large part of lives instead of looking forward to what will happen tomorrow.