• HH_john_de_chastelain
    Peace Studies Initiative named for Gen. John de Chastelain
    New Peace and Conflict Studies minor also launched


  • HH_news_mayoral_forum_yyc
    Calgary’s municipal election is Oct. 16
    Ward Candidates’ Meet and Greet next event on campus


  • HH_30_days_of_blue
    All of September
    MRU is hosting tons of events for your first 30 days on campus


  • HH_fahmy_mohamed
    “We are much stronger than we think we are.”
    Mohamed Fahmy delivers keynote address at New Student Orientation


Life-saving naloxone kits available at Wyckham Pharmacy

Push for kits to be in the hands of users, plus friends and family

Together, we are the Cougars

See the next generation Cougars visual identity and celebrate the Cougars spirit

Science and Technology graduates take on the world

High-level research leads to post-graduate opportunities


MRU event highlights the importance of consent

Permanent closure of Mount Royal University inner ring road

Two sections of Mount Royal Circle, an inner campus road that goes around the main building, are permanently closed

Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future

Putting classroom learning into practice

Business student tastes success with campus coffee venture

Growing community and prosperity

Addressing food insecurity issues in Indigenous Peoples