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True Blue Awe-inspiring Alumni: Bob McInnis

Bob McInnis

Your name, program & year of graduation at Mount Royal?
Bob McInnis, Bachelor of Applied Nonprofit Studies '05

Your career path in 140 character or less...(Twitter style)?
Helping remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen others

What three words describe your student experience at Mount Royal?
Inclusive, Inviting, Informative

What was the most important course you took at Mount Royal & why?
ENGL 2207 Kelly Hewson taught me to find my voice and trust it.

How have you invested in your community since graduating from Mount Royal?
I worked with the Canadian Red Cross during 2004 tsunami, founded Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids in 2005 and helped feed nearly 3 million hungry kids in Calgary. In 2012 I founded a private practice based on the make it your problem philosophy and practice that continues to provoke leaders, organizations and individuals to take action. I have sat on a dozen community boards and initiatives and helped generous philanthropists find an impactful home for their investments.

What is the best piece of advice you received at Mount Royal that helped prepare you for
your career?

The models and theories that you learn are not a substitute for innovative approaches to problem solving.

What is your claim to fame?
I was awarded the First Calgary "Community Innovator" award and Today's Parent "Community Innovation" award for the work with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids. I am most often quoted with " If we continue to manage social issues, social issues manage to continue"

What do you miss most about being a student?
I miss the collegiality and conversations with minds full of possibilities.