Plan Your Studies

Plan Your Studies

Select your courses by using the Program Planning Guide.

To complete your diploma within one year, you must register for all courses as listed in the Program Planning Guide and complete work experience courses at the same time as academic courses.


Register for as many or as few courses as fits your life. You have up to 6 years to complete your program.
Get registered
Now that you have chosen your courses, the next step is to register.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Look up courses via MyMRU > Register & Pay > Register > Look up Course(s)
  2. Search by term Spring/Summer/Fall 2018 CREDIT and click Submit
  3. Select the subject Funeral Services and click Course Search.
  4. Find the course number and name (e.g., XFDC 20001 - Funeral Directing I) and click View Sections.
  5. Select your courses for the semester and click Submit.

The Add/drop, fee deadline and withdraw dates will follow the Academic Schedule

Pay your tuition
Once you have registered, your tuition is due according to the Academic Schedule. See Payment Options.

For a course-by-course tuition breakdown, see the 2017-18 Fee Schedule.

If you require financial assistance, please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid.
Get your textbooks and supplies
Order your textbooks and Personal Protective Equipment - Funeral Services kit through the BookStore. Use the subject codes in your Program Planning Guide.  Textbooks should be ordered in advance of the course start date, and allow time for shipping if you live outside of Calgary.
Plan for the start of classes