Introduction to Funeral Service


Introduction to Funeral Service


Unsure if funeral service is the career choice for you? Acquire an overview of the funeral service profession including its history, the elements of a service, and the roles and responsibilities of funeral directors, embalmers and other funeral service professionals. No application required. 

Subject code: XFNS 1000114 Hours. Fee: $219+GSTChoose Calgary or Edmonton CRN below


Location: Mount Royal University. Tour of funeral home pending facility availability. You are responsible for your own transportation. 

CRN 501602 classesMay 27-288:30 am-4:30 pmSat., Sun.
CRN 70160
2 classes
July 15 -168:30 am-4:30 pmSat., Sun.
CRN 702842 classesAug. 19-208:30 am-4:30 pmSat., Sun.



Location: Serenity Funeral Services. You are responsible for your own transportation.                     

CRN 506312 classesJune 17-188:30 am-4:30 pmSat., Sun.


*Fall 2017 registration opens Mon., Jun. 12, 2017

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