Curriculum & Courses

Curriculum & Courses

Mount Royal University offers the following academic upgrading courses. Below is a list of the course offerings and the corresponding Alberta Grade 12 subject for the purpose of admission to Mount Royal University and many other post-secondary institutions in Alberta. It is important to check with the institution directly to confirm use of any of these courses within the admission process at other post-secondary institutions in Alberta. To assist with your academic plan and your course selection, we strongly encourage new Academic Upgrading students to attend an Advising Session. We also recommend reviewing our advising guides.


MRU Academic Upgrading CoursesCorresponding Alberta High School Course
BIOL 0115 - Introduction to BiologyBiology 20
BIOL 0130 - Fundamentals of BiologyBiology 30
CHEM 0115 - Basic Chemistry IChemistry 20
CHEM 0130 - Basic Chemistry IIChemistry 30
ENGL 0115 - Writing and Communication Skills*Preparatory Course
ENGL 0130 - Literature and CompositionEnglish 30
MATH 0115 - Foundations of Mathematics IMathematics 10C/20 - 1
MATH 0130 - Pre-CalculusMathematics 30 - 1
MATH 0132 - Foundations of Mathematics IIMathematics 30 - 2
MATH 0131 - Calculus and MatricesMathematics 31
NTST 0130 - Introduction to Native StudiesAboriginal Studies 30
PHYS 0130 - Introductory PhysicsPhysics 30
SCIE 0130 - Science of the EnvironmentScience 30
SOSC 0130 - Ideology and the Canadian Historical PerspectiveSocial Studies 30 - 1

 *Prepares students for the next level writing course, including English 0130 and/or English 0212.
Step by Step Guide to using the Interactive Course Search

  1. Select blue Interactive Course Search button to the left
  2. Search by Term (e.g. Winter 2018 CREDIT) > click Submit
  3. Search by Subject (e.g. Biology) > click Get Courses
  4. Find the course name and number (e.g. BIOL 0130) and click on Lecture

All of the scheduled lectures in the term will display.  If there is a tutorial or laboratory connected to the lecture, there will be a note. To see the schedule times of the tutorials or laboratories, return to the previous page and click on Tutorial or Laboratory.

Note: If you are unable to click on Lecture, Laboratory or Tutorial it means that course is not running in the selected term.


Academic Upgrading course grades will appear on your Mount Royal University transcript. However, these courses are not eligible for Alberta Education high school graduation, credit or transcript purposes. For more information on courses which can be used towards a high school diploma in Alberta, contact Alberta Education Information Services at 780.427.5340 or visit