Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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Creative Writing, Level 1
Discover how to use plot, voice, theme, setting and characterization successfully. Gain valuable feedback on your writing and discuss excerpts from a selection of successful published stories.

Subject code: XCRW 1000520 Hours. Fee $239Choose 1 of the CRNs below
CRN 50289
8 classesMay 7-Jun. 257-9:30 p.m.Thu.
CRN 50639
OnlineMay 4-Jun. 29  

Creative Writing, Level 2
Discover techniques for creating compelling characters, settings and plots, explore the freefall approach to writing, and discuss how to market your writing. Gain valuable feedback from others and hone your editing skills.
Recommend: Creative Writing Level 1 or equivalent

Subject code: XCRW 1000720 Hours. Fee: $239Not offered this semester. 

Writing for Children and Young Adults 
Explore the process of writing books for children and young adults aged 8 to 12.  Focus on structure, character development and research, and their importance in your stories.  Examine how to turn a creative story idea into a marketable, finished manuscript.

Subject code: XCRW 1003620 Hours. Fee: $189+GST 
CRN 304644 classesApr. 1-226:30-9:30 p.m.Wed.

The Basics of Blogging   
Learn how to choose a topic for your blog, develop or improve your blog design, create meaningful content and attract an audience to your blog. As well, discover how to protect your blog from hackers.
Instructor: Mike Morrison of Mike's Bloggity Blog

Subject code XCRW 1003712 Hours. Fee: $199+GST 
CRN 309864 classesApr. 8-296:30-9:30 p.m.Wed.


Writing Articles to Publish       NEWLY REVISED!
Have you ever read a novel, short story or nonfiction article and thought, “I could have written that”? This workshop shows you where to find ideas and turn them into a marketable venture. Half the class is spent exploring novels, short stories and non-fiction projects from concept to draft, the other half discussing how the various markets operate. This class is ideal for novice writers wishing to write material for publication.

Subject code: XCRW 100016 Hours. Fee: $129+GST 
CRN 506401 classMay 3010 a.m.-4 p.m.Sat.

Grammar and Style for Creative Writers
Acquire tools of the trade to polish your writing style and find out when it's okay to break the rules. This workshop is for creative writers who want to tell stories well and become familiar with correct grammar and punctuation.

Subject code: XCRW 100325 Hours. Fee: $95+GST 
CRN 506411 classJun. 610 a.m.-3:30 p.m.Sat.

Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
Dreamed of writing for film, TV or theatre? Discuss dramatic conflict, scene structure, dialogue and format - especially film format. Previous writing experience is an asset.
Instructor: Daniel Libman, with 50+ professional productions across North America

Subject code: XCRW 10003 20 Hours. Fee: $249+GSTNot offered this semester 

Travel Writing
Discover how to convert your travels into published articles that help pay for your trips. This course takes you through the steps of selling your ideas to a variety of markets, taking lively photographs, and researching and writing profitable travel articles

Subject code: XCRW 1000214 Hours. Fee: $189+GST 
CRN 301882 classesApr. 11-129 a.m.-5 p.m.Sat., Sun.

Writing Life Stories
Interested in writing a life story? Whether to fulfill a personal goal, draft a memoir, create a family keepsake or write a publishable work, discover the possibilities. Share and receive feedback. Be introduced to multiple sources that can help you.

Subject code: XCRW 1003815 Hours. Fee: $179+GSTNot offered this semester 

Writing Historical Fiction
Learn to write authentic and appealing historical fiction and turn your ideas into compelling stories. Understand how research plays a crucial role. The course involves online assignments, discussions and writing exercises. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XCRW 1003924 Hours. Fee: $333+GST Not offered this semester

Writing Non-Fiction Books for Young Adult Readers
Interested in writing and publishing non-fiction books for young readers? Fill your notebooks with ideas and queries. Get started on an outline and book proposal that include the information that editors prefer. These outlines and proposals are useful even after your book is finished. Get professional advice from an author of over two dozen books for three major educational publishers.

Subject code: XCRW 1004012 Hours. Fee: $149+GSTNot offered this semester 

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