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Visual Arts


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Experience art classes led by experienced artists. Beginners are welcome. Explore your creative side!

Drawing, Introductory
Learn to draw with expert hands-on guidance from your instructor. Get started with the basic principles of seeing and drawing and learn to master line, value, texture, composition and perspective through the use of pencil, conte and charcoal. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 1000820 Hours. Fee: $219+GST 
CRN 302218 classesJan. 18-Mar. 87-9:30 p.m.Wed.

Watercolour Sampler
Have you always wanted to try watercolour painting? Here is the perfect opportunity to explore the process of painting with watercolours while gaining hands-on knowledge. No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 100134 Hours. Fee: $69+GST 
CRN 309361 classJan. 1410 a.m.-2 p.m.Sat.

Acrylic Sampler
Have you always wanted to try acrylic painting? Here is your opportunity to come and explore what acrylic paints can do. You will get hands-on practise. No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 100174 Hours. Fee: $69+GST Not offered this semester.

Painting with Watercolours
Create a world of colour and light by applying watercolour paints to a variety of subjects. Explore dry brush, wash and wet-on-wet techniques as you explore perspective, line, colour and form. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 1000120 Hours. Fee: $219+GST Not offered this semester.

Painting with Acyrlics
Express your creativity and discover for yourself why acrylics are the preferred medium of artists today. Discover the basics of colour, composition and texture to use with this versatile water-based paint. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 1000618 Hours. Fee: $207+GST 
CRN 303414 classesMar. 11-Apr. 19 a.m.-2 p.m.Sat.

Spend two days with an artist learning the techniques of sketching to improve your drawing skills for the spur of the moment when you feel like sketching something, a location or someone.

Subject code: XPVA 100728 Hours. Fee: $78+GST 
CRN 310232 classesMar. 18 & 199 a.m.-1 p.m.Sat. & Sun.

Drawing, Level 2
This course will build on the lessons taught in the Drawing, Introductory course. Students will work with pencil, charcoal, conte and pastel to further develop their individual drawing skills and style. Drawing from observation, memory and imagination are covered.

Subject code: XPVA 1000920 Hours. Fee: $195+GST  Not offered this semester

Botanical Drawing
Enjoy drawing plants, flowers and foliage in this course with practical hands-on drawing experience. As part of this course we will try to have outdoor classes, weather permitting.

Subject code: XPVA 1007015 Hours. $149+GST Not offered this semester.

Portrait & Figure Drawing
You will explore drawing portraiture and the human form with a variety of techniques. Experimenting with line, value, and foreshortening, you will gain confidence working with live clothed models. No previous drawing experience necessary.

Subject code: XPVA 1004918 Hours. Fee: $179+GST Not offered this semester.

Children's Book Illustration
You will learn to plan out a set of drawings to depict a children's story. Learn and utilize techniques in illustration to create your drawings. You may choose to sketch in black and white or use colour in your drawings. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 1007310 Hours. Fee: $129+GST Not offered this semester.


Abstract Painting with Acrylics


Explore your creative side through the expression and spontaneity of abstract painting. Develop a variety of techniques to create images ranging from landscapes to portraiture to pure emotive abstraction. Understand the basic concepts behind colour theory, paint mixing, application, composition and balance. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 1005018 Hours. Fee: $189+GST Not offered this semester.

Student Testimonials

“I had a wonderful time; I got pushed to explore and advance my skills and got encouragement and instruction as to how to begin/improve/fix them. I felt extremely empowered in this class.”  - Susan Chipperfield, Chalk Pastels

“...A wonderful introduction to the world of art and effective techniques to produce some!” - Painting with Acrylics student

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