Visual Arts

Visual Arts


Experience art classes led by experienced artists. Beginners are welcome. Explore your creative side!

Drawing, Introductory
Learn to draw with expert hands-on guidance from your instructor. Get started with the basic principles of seeing and drawing and learn to master line, value, texture, composition and perspective through the use of pencil, conte and charcoal. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10008 20 Hours. Fee: $219+GST  Not offered this semester.

Watercolour Sampler
Have you always wanted to try watercolour painting? Here is the perfect opportunity to explore the process of painting with watercolours while gaining hands-on knowledge. No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10013 4 Hours. Fee: $69+GST Not offered this semester

Acrylic Sampler
Have you always wanted to try acrylic painting? Here is your opportunity to come and explore what acrylic paints can do. You will get hands-on practice. No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10017 4 Hours. Fee: $69+GST  Not offered this semester

Painting with Watercolours
Create a world of colour and light by applying watercolour paints to a variety of subjects. Explore dry brush, wash and wet-on-wet techniques as you explore perspective, line, colour and form. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10001 20 Hours. Fee: $219+GST Not offered this semester

Painting with Acrylics, Level 1
Express your creativity and discover for yourself why acrylics are the preferred medium of artists today. Discover the basics of colour, composition and texture to use with this versatile water-based paint. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10006 18 Hours. Fee: $207+GST  
CRN 30945 4 classes Feb. 24 - March 17 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Sat.

Painting with Acrylics, Level 2
Expand your knowledge and experience with acrylic paints in this continuation of the Painting with Acrylics course. Focus on different elements of landscape such as a figure in landscape, portraiture, and advanced still-life techniques such as painting glass and metal. Enhance your ability to express your own personal creativity with acrylics.
Recommended: Painting with Acrylics, Level 1

Subject code: XPVA 1002418 Hours. Fee: $209+GST 
CRN 309464 classesApril 7 - 149 a.m. - 4 p.m.Sat., Sun.

Spend two days with an artist learning the techniques of sketching to improve your drawing skills for the spur of the moment when you feel like sketching something, a location or someone.

Subject code: XPVA 10072 8 Hours. Fee: $79+GST  
CRN 307622 classesApril 21 - 229 a.m. - 1 p.m.Sat., Sun.

Botanical Drawing
Enjoy drawing plants, flowers and foliage in this course with practical hands-on drawing experience. As part of this course we will try to have outdoor classes, weather permitting.

Subject code: XPVA 10070 15 Hours. $149+GST Not offered this semester

Portrait & Figure Drawing
You will explore drawing portraiture and the human form with a variety of techniques. Experimenting with line, value, and foreshortening, you will gain confidence working with live clothed models. No previous drawing experience necessary.

Subject code: XPVA 10049 18 Hours. Fee: $179+GST Not offered this semester

Children's Book Illustration
You will learn to plan out a set of drawings to depict a children's story. Learn and utilize techniques in illustration to create your drawings. You may choose to sketch in black and white or use colour in your drawings. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10073 10 Hours. Fee: $129+GST Not offered this semester

Abstract Painting with Acrylics

Explore your creative side through the expression and spontaneity of abstract painting. Develop a variety of techniques to create images ranging from landscapes to portraiture to pure emotive abstraction. Understand the basic concepts behind colour theory, paint mixing, application, composition and balance. Beginners welcome.

Subject code: XPVA 10050 18 Hours. Fee: $189+GST Not offered this semester
Terry Gregoraschuk
Terry Gregoraschuk was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1977, he moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art, majoring in Advertising Art. After college, Terry worked in the advertising field for several years, first as an illuminated sign designer, then as Art Director for the Calgary branch of Western Living magazine. Soon he left the advertising field to pursue a fine arts career.

Terry works primarily in two-dimensional works of art in acrylics, oils, pastels and mixed media but is most recognized for his high-realism paintings in watercolour. He also creates sculptural works in steel, and most recently cake sculptures (Mad Hatter Cakes).

Terry's artwork has been exhibited at the local, national and international levels, winning numerous awards, and in such collections as the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the City of Calgary, and Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly the Medicine Hat Museum). He has also been commissioned for artwork by Canada Post Corporation, Environment Canada and the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Laurie Odnokon-Warrenssadata_ce_Laurie_OdnokonWarren
Laurie Odnokon-Warren received a Bachelor of Fine Art with Distinction in Studio Art from the University of Saskatchewan before moving to Calgary in 1986. She proceeded to complete a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Art from the University of Calgary and settled in to the life of an artist/singer and art teacher.  Laurie has spent 29 years teaching art to high school and junior high students in the Calgary Separate School System and has shared art projects through workshops with other teachers in Alberta, BC and New York. She is also a jazz/blues vocalist and is currently working on an interactive music/art project. Laurie worked as a newspaper artist, graphic designer and printmaker before her teaching career.  She has participated in a variety of art shows in western Canada over the years and her work is in the collections of the University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan and private collections in Canada and the United States. One of her greatest joys is running into former students and hearing about their adventures. 


“I had a wonderful time; I got pushed to explore and advance my skills and got encouragement and instruction as to how to begin/improve/fix them. I felt extremely empowered in this class.”  - Susan Chipperfield, Chalk Pastels

“...A wonderful introduction to the world of art and effective techniques to produce some!” - Painting with Acrylics student

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