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Healthy Aging Instructor Bios

Rita Boehler-Wiebe | Raisa Alarakyia | Rod Corbett | Alnoor Damji | Greta Heathcote | Diane Strickland

CE Bio - Healthy Aging - Boehler-WiebeRita Boehler-Wiebe
Instructor of
How Then Shall We Live?

Rita Boehler-Wiebe began her career as a health care professional, followed by a degree in Environmental Design and a Master's degree in Architecture from Dalhousie University in Halifax. She has worked in five Canadian provinces and two foreign countries. Her unique blend of health care and architecture result in an understanding of lifestyle requirements at every age. Rita answers the question Boomers all over the world are asking, “How then shall we live?” Rita has found retirement housing projects that are innovative, unique to their environs and affordable. She has developed a workshop to share this information, and to begin germinating local ideas. Bring your friends and  explore the possibilities.

CE Bio - Healthy Aging - AlarakyiaRaisa Alarakyia    B.Comm, B.Ed, M.Ed.
Instructor of
Nutrition: The Key to a Long, Healthy Life
Financing Your Way to a Happy Retirement

Microsoft Office for Your Career and Life
The "I" World: iPads, Tablets and your New i-Life
Internet, Social Media and You

Raisa Alarakyia is a dedicated and passionate teacher and learner. She has a wide ranging educational background and is able to connect with a diverse audience with skill and empathy. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Human Resources at the University of Calgary and went on to obtain her Bachelor of Education degree at Queen's University. She received her Masters of Education specializing in Educational Studies and Leadership from the University of Western Ontario.

Raisa has extensive knowledge and experience in computers and Microsoft Office. She is passionate about educating her students in maximizing their computer skills and continuously works to find strategies to help students use technology to aid in their daily lives.

Raisa’s ability to quickly put anyone at ease with her friendly nature and smile combined with her sincere desire to help and train others are her strong assets. Her hands-on approach and kind, patient nature helps to ensure positive outcomes for her students.

CE Bio - Healthy Aging - CorbettRod Corbett
Instructor of Retiring with Style
Rod Corbett has been working in the field of adult education for over 25 years in the roles of learner, instructor, technical support and instructional designer. Rod completed the Master of Distance Education degree from Athabasca University entirely online. He is now an Assistant Professor at the Mount Royal University as the Educational Developer responsible for Learning Technologies in their Academic Development Centre. Rod is also a part-time instructor for the Bissett School of Business and MRU Continuing Education.





CE Bio - Healthy Aging - DamjiAlnoor Damji
Instructor of Ready Set Hire: Skills for the Mature Worker
Alnoor Damji is honored to receive the 2012 Chamber of Commerce award for Professional Service for coaching mature workers. He was previously awarded the award in 2011 (Team).

Alnoor brings over a decade of expertise and experience as a consultant, facilitator and trainer for both private and public sector organizations. Alnoor specializes in interpersonal skills development, leadership skills and change management, and has offered his training to a diverse clientele, ranging from front line employees to senior management teams.

Alnoor thrives on challenging conventional assumptions about Human Resources and the role of the mature worker. He has focused his energies on providing counselling, coaching, training and facilitation. He has designed and implemented workshops and trained hundreds of individuals from a broad spectrum of industries.
Alnoor is a Certified Living Life to The Full life coach, a Personality Dimensions Facilitator, Associate for the Retire to The Life You Design, and has facilitated numerous workshops around Retirement Dimensions as well.


CE Bio - Healthy Aging - HeathcoteGreta Heathcote
Instructor of Leading Your Retirement
Greta has been working in the education field in various capacities for over 10 years and has a deep passion for helping people find their strengths and understand their weaknesses. Greta studied at Carleton University, Seneca College, Bow Valley College and the University of Calgary and holds a Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership. She is constantly seeking out new training opportunities in the burgeoning field of coaching and leadership development and thrives on helping people to find their leadership voice. Greta lives in Canmore with her husband, son and two dogs.




CE Bio - Healthy Aging - StricklandDiane Strickland
Instructor of Living Your Unexpected Life and The Other Legacy: Leaving More than Your Money
Diane enjoys working with people wanting to identify meaning and find opportunity in their lives, especially after coming through challenge, change and loss. She has taught courses and presented workshops in many venues, providing tools and resources and encouragement. She holds three degrees, including two master's degrees. An ordained clergyperson for 25 years, she keeps an open heart, mind and spirit within her own tradition. Diane believes in people's capacity to grow, be a positive difference in the world, heal and nurture hope from within. She has a private international consulting and coaching practice, is well-published and has been working for the past year in post-disaster trauma recovery with flood victims in High River, Alberta.