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Corporate Training

The landscape is changing. Climb higher, faster with corporate training tailored to your organizational goals.

Now is the time to invest in your workforce and focus on professional development for your team. Whether you’re training existing employees to shoulder the demands of a changing company landscape or building capacity at your organization or institution to have the resources to transition to the next chapter, we can help.

Why MRU Corporate Training?

Mount Royal University Corporate Training enables effective leaders and high performance teams. By empowering company advocates, we can strengthen your company culture while improving your bottom line. For over 25 years we have worked with:

  • HR & talent development professionals
  • department managers and
  • business owners

Working locally, nationally and internationally, we tailor training solutions around the core values and objectives of your organization. Through experiential outcome-focused training, we partner with both small teams and large organizations to support the creation of your company’s cultural and economic growth.

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Who can I contact?

Speak to one of our Corporate Training Solutions associates in Calgary, AB
Phone: 403.440.6885

Now you can train your employees for 1/3 the cost with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Mount Royal University provides grant-eligible programs including customized training solutions. Our experts can help you apply for this funding.

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