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Return on investment (ROI) begins with making sure you are on the right track in the first place. Our fully customized training needs analyses allow you to feel confident that you are addressing real needs, in real time, with the right solutions.
We work with you to customize courses and workshops to suit your specific training requirements. Whether we design a new and customized learning and development/training program from scratch or adapt an existing course, your staff gets relevant, practical training that meets their needs. Together, we can focus on skill development that transfers to the workplace for immediate results.
Looking for added value? Think about customizing one of our certificate programs for your organization. Your training investment pays off in practical skill development as well as a recognized credential for your staff from a highly-respected Canadian university.
We have in-house instructors and consultants as well as external partners who are experts in their particular field and have extensive experience instructing adult learners in a corporate environment. Prior to commencing the program our clients will have the opportunity to review instructor and consultant bios.
Even before we get started, we collaborate with you to create a suitable framework and process for evaluating your outcomes; we conduct trainee satisfaction surveys and provide you with an assessment of the training that was provided. Upon your request, we also make recommendations for continued on-the-job learning which may include follow-up coaching or subsequent training.
We use the Integrated Experiential Coaching Model – which is about facilitating integrated experiential learning in individuals to enhance personal growth & development. Using this model, we collaborate with your employees to maintain a consistent focus on honing in their skills, attitudes and behaviors to reach their potential.

We help select the right coaches for your needs. Our experts help you establish goals, strengths, areas for improvement, and to develop a targeted action plan. Depending on your needs, the plan may involve more than one coach. The coach works with you to provide training and guidance to achieve these action items.
We understand that organizations need to be scalable and adaptable. Our team can help by preparing your internal staff to be trainers or consult on the development of programs. Some organizations recognize the benefit of outsourcing their training and development function entirely. With our training advisors, operational and development teams and expert industry facilitators, we are equipped to step in temporarily or permanently – whatever you need.
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Training Consulting
  • Curriculum & Program Development, Consolidation or Review
  • Training & Development Outsourcing

Who can I contact?

Speak to someone on our Global Learning & Development/Corporate Training Solutions team in Calgary, AB
Phone: 403.440.6885
E-mail: ceglobal@mtroyal.ca

Now you can train your employees for 1/3 the cost with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Mount Royal University provides grant-eligible programs including customized training solutions. Our experts can help you apply for this funding.

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